The Watcher Files

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I am a servant of the Most High empowered and appointed by Him to be His messenger in these last days.

There's nothing cryptic about what I do. There's no conspiracy. I expose Halayel, Lucifer. I expose his strategies, his tactics, his forces, his plans, his failures, his temporary victories, everything I can about him and those who work for and with him.

Am I a cult leader? No. I don't have a following. I proclaim the Name of the Most High Yehovah and lead people to Him.

I am from the warrior ranks and I am here to do battle and wake up the remnant. Nothing I do is hidden. It's all very plain and simple.

Yet too simple, it baffles many.

Lucy will figure out who I am, and when he does he'll have his hay day. We're mutual enemies. Always have been since he turned against the Most High.

The war is on.

Does he really think his doritoe and drug gangs can possibly understand the war that is taking place? They only understand what they see with their perceptions and I've used it to my advantage.

No one can out plan or out smart the Most High. All things work by His hand and in His discretion. We play by His rules. Every being and every person is subservient to HIM. Why the delays? Because it is He who controls the clock.

Satan has many slaves. Many who think they are lost with no hope because they have made deals with him. I'm here to tell them they can break free of him. That the redemption Yahushua offered to mankind is available to them no matter what contract or agreement Satan thinks he has them locked in on. They can break free...salvation is for them the blood of Jesus/Yahushua can break the contracts, oaths and agreements made with Lucifer. He doesn't own your soul until your physical death. You have time to repent and switch sides.

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