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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

There is a portal in Iran. What do we know about a portal in Iran? If you know something about it send me an email to

So now we know why they need to install their own leader in they can have access to the portal that is there. The same reason they went into Iraq...there is a portal in Iraq they wanted and took control over and now I am finding there is one in Iran that I am hearing about.

The New World Order needs control of that portal. The NWO being either the reptilian Bush/Nazi faction or the Omegans posing as Ascended Masters. They all serve the same boss, Lucifer.

Ramon Watkins, aka prophet Yahweh is a mouthpiece for Maitreya. He is here to build a black bride for Satan. He is symbollicaly a Moses who will lead the people to the false messiah Maitreya. He is leading these people to their deaths as Alien food via a fake rapture.

Watkins clearly doesn't understand Scripture where one Messiah would fulfill two different roles. The Suffering Messiah and the Conquering Messiah. Yahushua already came as the suffering Messiah and died on the cross and rose again. The second time He comes will be to judge and destroy the wicked off this earth. He is not coming to right the wrongs of our societies other than to destroy them. He is not coming to install a new economic program. He is not coming to lead people to Israel. He is coming to destroy the wicked in Israel at the Battle of Armageddon. His Millennial Reign of 1000 years will not happen for a while yet, false messiahs such as Maitreya will arrive first, the rise of the Antichrist will rise first, global persecution, death and destruction will happen first. So don't listen to these liars coming trying to twist and distort prophecy to build their own false kingdoms.

The arrival of Maitreya will be associated with the finding and re-establishment of the Ark of the Covenant. Ethiopia is dominant as well as the desert. Perhaps he will build a temple in the desert..perhaps that is where he will lead his followers as Alien food bait..either way don't follow him..don't listen to these false messiahs and their false emissaries such as Watkins who are paving the way for them.

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