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Sunday, June 05, 2005

I went to church watch my son get baptised. I haven't stepped into an institutional-corporate church for years...I was disgusted with them all and the Lord pulled me out of them to teach me Himself.

I send my kids to the local baptist church so they can get a strong doctrinal foundation, but as my son says, "I learn a lot more just listening to your radio show." ..he's not biased..just likes to chew on meat once in a while..and that's something most churches don't do.

I expected to be stared at, glared at and hissed at...I wore pants to church. Something that used to be completely unthinkable in most of the corporate churches. But this is a hometown church, and the people were friendly, they didn't seem to care what I wore.

As the choir entered the stage it was a small and humble choir. No fancy robes in this church for the choir. Just ordinary, simple people from what looked like ages 16 to 60. It was the worst singing I have ever heard. Every one of them sang out of key. I loved it. No pride here and record contract seekers, just a love for the Lord.

I expected a watch-type sermon, the kind where you stare at your watch and wonder when the misery will be over. But the sermon grabbed my attention and sparked my interest. The sermon was on "How Much Is A Soul Worth."

He went into Genesis 6 and my eyebrows were raised, one of my favorite passages in dealing with end time events and aliens, but he didnt' get it, read verses 1-3, skipped verse 4 about the giants and read verse 5. His interpretation of the 'sons of God' were human men. Typical view of the churches today when they read those passages without bothering to study what it's really's obvious the pastor wasn't into the deeper truths of the Word just face value, but he managed to pull out a great thought provoking sermon on how much is a soul worth to you to reach them for the Lord.

Somehow, out of a passage that deals with aliens and some verses in the book of Mark, he made it work.

In the maze of corporate churches and money grubbing, seeking, idolizing churches that dominate today, I found a real gem that challenged me to keep going in a world that rejects and hates us, and that's usually not the world itself as much as 'fellow brethren.'

With all the misery, suffering, high tech weapon attacks, gov, mil, and alien harrassement we experience for doing what we do and who we are in Him, is it worth it? Is reaching a soul for the Most High and saving them from eternal torment in hell worth it?

I knew the answer before he got past the first 2 minutes of his sermon. But I liked the challenge and the reminder that what we do DOES count and it DOES matter. Even if most hate us..


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