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Saturday, June 25, 2005

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Sometimes we wonder why we go through the things we do, why the Lord leads us to the places He does, or to the people He does, and sometimes it is just to learn something you wouldn't have learned any other way. He has various ways of teaching us things and when you look back you know for yourself that if He hadn't done things the way He did them then you probably would have never learned what you needed to or what He was trying to teach you.

He always knows the best for us. Granted, most of the time we just screw up and He makes the best of the situations we put ourselves in. If you are in Him then He will make all things work together for good. So when we screw up we can just stand up, brush ourselves off, learn a lesson and move on.

Life is a field of learning. But time is running out folks.

Now more than ever staying focused on being focused in Him is vital to withstand the deceptions and hardships coming.

Seek the truth in all things and ask Him daily for it.

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