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Friday, June 17, 2005

you have to hear this...

Peggy Kane is a pro in reverse speech..

she confirms everything I've said about aliens!

They are here to collect meat!

she reverses "Prophet Yahweh" she shows all kinds of have to hear this stuff!

fast forward about a half hour into the show..

not for the squeamish!

I'm going to try and get her on my show ...

Peggy Kane

*** Friday, June 10- Peggy Kane (Windows Media Player)

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She refers to the "net over the earth being blown up." I have seen many times in the Bible Codes how our atmosphere is on fire above the earth...

She refers to the fake rapture and how those people are taken and used for food. I have seen this fake rapture many times in the codes and how these people will be taken to their deaths.

She confirms alot of things I have seen in the codes and I have been saying myself about the Aliens..things the Lord told me Himself.

She is not a believer in the Most High (it doesn't appear that way and she kind of backs away from it) so chew the grass and spit out the hay folks, but it's interesting!

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