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Sunday, June 12, 2005

I always get mail from people either snail or email..asking me if I'm for real. Usually not in a negative connotation. Although I get those as well, par for the course, especially the one I'm on. But more in a sense, they don't want to be led astray by yet another wolf in sheep's clothing. Am I a wolf? No. I serve the Most High. Do I have mansions, airplanes, vacation homes and huge bank accounts? No.

All I can do is tell them, "Ask the Lord who I am, ask Him about me."

What more can I say? I love and serve the Most High. I have been sent here by Him for these last days and I have not wavered on the things I was to do. In fact, I've done everything He has asked me to do and then some, and my job here is completed already.

Why is it people always attack and question the true people of Yehovah and accept without question the wolves?

It has always been that way.

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