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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Are they trying to create a West Coast disaster from their space-based weapons?

July and August..if it keeps getting worse get out of there, disaster could strike in those 2 months.

An attack on the capital could happen before the middle of July. I don't know what year, I don't know if the window will come and go without one (like last year) but it's the warning still stands. We could have some real fireworks.

The only exit plan for Iraq is for the Satanist Illuminati children to try and escape the earth in a UFO they have been building underground and hidden in a base somewhere under the desert. As planet X moves in and causes more and more destruction, or if NORAD decides to implement a pole shift, the elite will attempt to escape the earth (Alternative 3) in this UFO. Saddam had started that project years ago and, well, the biggest and meanest took it over, perhaps with his blessing. The real Saddam is not in prison, that is a look-alike he used for public appearances.

Perhaps Saddam is hiding under that particular underground base. He had allegedly given the aliens access and approval to build one in the Iraqi desert years ago. I have no problem believing that, a lot of things seem to indicate there is a lot of truth to that.

At the same time they plan everyone elses demise they plan their escape. Nice of em eh? That's how Satan's clans work, they always think they'll be the victors, that they will win. But they will be brought down and destroyed. It's a given. Only a fool would believe his lies.

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