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Friday, April 20, 2007

We Must Secede from This Evil Occupation

I have posted some pictures of the infamous New Mexico joint human/alien deep underground Dulce Base at I don't know if they're legit...they were sent to me by someone who claims to be ex-intel or associated with ex-intel agents. Until proven otherwise I'll believe they're legit. Hopefully I'll get even more pictures to post on the Dulce Base. Allegedly there are pictures of humans imprisoned in cages among other things involving the base so I'm hoping to get those to post on the website.

Most people can't believe these types of things actually exist. They can't imagine our government being complicit with aliens and allowing them to abduct, imprison, torture, operate on, clone, and even feed off of American citizens.

Hundreds of thousands, almost 3 million people missing in America in just the past 10 years. Where did they go? You can't hide for long in a high tech society. Over 30 years that's 9 million people folks...are we that stupid NOT to believe something hideous is going on?

There's bases like the Dulce Base all over the world! I've heard of another base in Texas where humans are being held in cages. I've heard there are as many as 119 deep underground bases in America alone, many of which are joint human-alien bases.

Satan has made America is home base of operations to implement the New World Order. An order he will manifest on earth to rule over via a global government. A new world of Satan and his 'alien forces' dominating and conquering, and defeating and killing the people of earth so they can claim it for themselves. Satan wants to kill 5.5 billion people and leave 500 million as slaves to serve him and his alien kingdom.

His attempt to conquer and rule over the world via 'peace' before his real agenda becomes known is referred to as The Great Tribulation period in the Bible.


Desperate to get gun control, the last big threat to the NWO outlawed, the gov Satan pawns have reached into the "Manchurian" bag of tricks. Just as the shooters at Columbine had ties to military mind control, so will Cho Seung-Hui.

The NWO always works via the Problem-Reaction-Solution....shoot people (preferrably kids it causes the most outrage) and here comes the solution...gun control...take everyone's guns. I hope it backfires on them. If the university students had had guns the shooter would have been stopped way before he succeeded at killing and wounding others.

The first thing Esther did when she became queen of Israel was to arm every household in it. Why? Because the fools had de-armed listening to the propaganda of those before her who were leading Israel. She knew war was around the corner....(Satan's plan implemented by his the people, then when they're confident their safe they can be easily conquered, killed, and enslaved by their enemies) ..the same game we're being lulled into by the anti-gun Satan pawns who want to lead us into enslavement and death for their NWO by taking our guns.

I can't stand the people running our governments and world today. I have a righteous hatred for all of these people who have sold out to Satan and plan the death and demise of our earth's population. They call themselves the Elite. They are nothing but Elite Scum working for Hell.

Yahushuah will destroy each and every one of them off the face of the earth...but they will get their allotted time to implement their NWO on earth before He righteously destroys them all.

Until then, we have to put up with it, but that doesn't mean we have to follow it!

To do nothing is to allow death and that is suicide and being complicit with the NWO.

Stand up people...refuse to go along, don't give up your guns, form communities and encourage states to separate from our government and this evil scum taking over America before it's too late. We need to 'secede' from our government.

Secession...that's the way to go, that's what ancient Israel did when they were under occupation...and today we are under Occupation by EVIL..we must secede.

Yah bless His Warriors