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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Will there be fireworks in Israel in October?

Will Jerusalem become an International City run by the United Nations?

Is 2005 still too early for that or is it time?

We still have September to figure out October.

Are bombings targetting oil refineries in Houston next on the hit list?

Katrina took care of the refinery(s) in New Orleans/LA...what will take care of Houston?

Start stocking up now in anticipation of food shortages coming. If they are going to attack the fuel in this country it is our grocery stores that will be affected the most.

The Antichrist comes on the heels of a famine..

Monday, August 29, 2005

The Lord gave me a message the other day and I thought I had saved it but ended up losing it during one of those rare occasions when I actually turn the computer off. The overall theme of His message was to begin to focus and concentrate on HIS coming and what HE is going to do.

I have spent considerable time informing mankind of the coming deceptions of the Alien and New Age agendas, the New World Order, the beasts that are coming as false prophets, and other things. Now it's time to just focus on Him and what HE is going to do.

So that's the direction I am going in.

Tonight will be my last radio show for a while. I don't have enough to cover the expenses for September so perhaps I'll be back on the air in October. I don't know.

I was watching MSNBC's coverage of Hurricane Katrina and was quite shocked to see scrolling at the bottom of the TV that "Hurricane Katrina is targetting the oil refineries" of blah blah...I don't remember exactly which ones they stated, but I was amused..I mean don't they actually mean those who created Hurricane Katrina are targetting them? LOL..

It never ends.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I have taken the Beast Prophet Forum down for now. It's constantly running amuck with craziness and I don't have time to babysit it.

I put it up so people could have a place to go and learn about future and current events, the NWO, the New Age, the Alien agenda etc...but it moreless seems to be constantly dominated and attacked by demonized "Christians" who want to turn it into a zoo for their own egos, opinions and argue about doctrines rather than prepare the Lord's people for what's coming.

No wonder the Lord keeps His people "in the wilderness." Seems you could put 20 online Christians in a room with boxing gloves and within 10 minutes they'd probably be going at it. I can't stand it. People can't agree to disagree at all without having violent temper tantrums whether it be lists or boards.

The Lord wants us to be prepared for what's coming ahead, not incessitantly debate about Scriptures and doctrines. If you have a question seek Him for the answer. Most people think it's up to themselves to argue their point of view of what they think they know and shove it down everyone else. I am not going to argue with anyone.

My websites reveal things the Lord has led me to or into, if someone doesn't agree I don't have a problem with it, I also don't deserve insults and condescension because I won't be bullied into their "point of view." They can move on to other websites who share their views. And that seems to be what demonizes them the most. The fact that I can't be swayed into their line of thinking..they practically go into convulsions of anger because of it.

I do what the Lord leads me to do, not man. I say what the Lord reveals for me to say, and if man doesn't like it so what..

I can agree to disagree. Why can't they?

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Americans no longer live in democracy, if we did we wouldn't be swatted under the rug to be ignored as we have been and are being every day. In America 62% of the people want our soldiers out of Iraq. It is not Democracy being enforced on Iraq but Democrazy, the same as it is here.

By their own actions our own government shows the world that Democracy doesn't mean majority rules but that the minority does, and that the minority is the government itself and whatever they decide they want to do regardless of what the people they represent want.

Protestors are branded as unpatriotic. Protests are ignored by the media and not shown on television. Americans are lied to daily about the real number of those who have died
in Iraq, whether civilians or American soldiers.

We didn't elect Bush to a second term, he monopolized the voting to make it look like he won. But would John Kerry have been better? No. So it really makes no difference who is president right now between those two. How about some honest elections? How about allowing people to run for office who aren't Satanists? Or part of an occult. Or avowed one world government freaks? Because those are the only ones who have been allowed to win for the past 30 years.

Americans have been had. We've been sold down the river to Satan freaks and a one world government of tyrants and Alien hybrids running the show.

The Illuminati are Alien hybrids. Children of Fallen Angel seed. They are not pure human. Shouldn't world governments governing humans be run by humans? You would think that would be the case..but it isn't.

Iraq is just an example of what other nations can expect who resist being ruled by Alien Lizards posing as humans claiming they are bringing democrazy to their country. Who's next? Iran? America? Will they silence the protestors of America by destroying it?

It's not a matter of if, but when.

Friday, August 26, 2005

I have put more photos of Bush on my site at and added more audios to in the coming weeks I may be recording my own articles with my own voice for that site, so for now I have them recorded with ATT's Crystal. I'm really not sure if I want to take on that huge of a project so we'll see. I have over 50 articles and to record them all to audio with my voice would take a while, not to mention some of those articles are over 30 pages long if you were to print them out.

It's not looking like there will be a radio show next month so perhaps the Lord will lead me to do other things, such as the audios, I don't know.

The greater the audience the greater demand to have things more simplified and accessible for people from many different countries.

Seems I'm always under the pressure to do more, more, more.

If there are those who speak languages other than English and would like to translate my articles in their own language for others who speak that language go ahead and then send me the file and I will put them on my websites.

I have made recurring automatic donations available. On my donation pages on my sites such as you can sign up to have donations automatically sent either weekly or monthly to this ministry. Some of you are already starting to or have been tithing weekly or monthly to this ministry and so it might make it easier for you if you choose to go that route. My expenses are getting greater and greater and I need more support from others who will join on to support this ministry.

Thank you and Yah bless.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I need donations to cover the radio show for next month.

You can donate at

I didn't realize it was this late in the month already and I don't have September covered.

thank you and Yah bless,
Is Sorcha Faal right? Is Bush in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? This picture of Bush allegedly being in Idaho last week is NOT Bush but one of his doubles...or droids as I call can see it at if you click on the picture it will take you to the Yahoo news story of his Idaho visit.

I knew I would have to see actual proof he was gallavanting across the country to believe it and now it's obvious he isn't. He's just sending his droids out posing as him. He's hiding. As Cheney has been. As Cheney always is. The guy is afraid of his own shadow and apparently the White House is being less than truthfull on the real whereabouts of Bush. Imagine that.

I wonder if anyone has bothered to inspect the Sears Tower to see if ownership or management has changed hands the past year(s) or new security firms put in place...let alone structural renovations that could be hiding detonators and explosives. I do think it was the Sears Tower that was the target of that truck that a USAF jet blew up in Utah on it's way to Chicago. And if so, the tower would have been prepared ahead of time for the attack to help its destruction along.

Will World War III begin in September or October? Most say we're already in it. Perhaps we are, but we do know it will escalate to Israel, after all, the Lizards need and want control of the temple mount.

check out this response from a blog reader:

just read your blog, and yes, the Sears Tower has had a new owner since August 2003.

Here's some links:
Sears Tower likely to go to its lender

Sears Tower Has New Owner Aug. 29, 2003

Sears Tower (Encyclopedia)

Sears Tower Official site

Did you know the zip code for The Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois is 60606 ?


Wonder who runs the security there???????????????

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm working on the audios ..tweaking here and there...trying to make the text-to-audios sound more human..

I like listening to Crystal..Mike's voice is a bit shakey, I'm working on it..tweaking..tweaking..

Check this site out, he has some of the Nag Hammadi converted to audios...

People often ask me what the "real" Bible is or should be...there you go..

I know people send arguments that it's the Geneva Bible, and that's not it either. If you want the truth you have to go back to the period of persecution of early believers..because it was all about suppressing and destroying the transcripts and books those early believers had because they were the truth and replacing it with the Council of Nicea's version of the truth and their own creation and manipulation of what we have had since then.

The truth is pre-300 A.D.

The "Anti-Nicene" followers are Paul's students whom he tutored into lies and deceptions..the church today calls them our "early church fathers" and that's a bunch of crap..

The early believers were destroyed because they wouldn't blindly accept Paul, they rejected him, so the persecutions got rid of them, post-persecution the only thing left is Paul and those who like him and their manipulation of what Jesus and the real Apostles taught.

If you want the truth study the early church pre-300 A.D. and the books of that time.

Truth is a journey...

Seek the Most High for the truth in all things and let Him lead you.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The new audios website is now up at

It's over 500MB so far, it's a huge site, those audio files take up alot of space, not to mention when people start downloading them and soaking up the bandwidth. I would like to keep it free so it depends on donations to the site..otherwise I'll have to pull it when the limit is reached every month instead of just adding on more bandwidth fees to it.

All of my articles are now in MP3 format thanks to ATT digital voices Crystal and Mike.

Monday, August 15, 2005

For those who think there is a conspiracy behind why I have so many websites, eat your heart's out..I'm putting up another one. will be up some time today.

I have a friend who transferred my entire books "Bible Codes Revealed: The Coming UFO Invasion" and "Aliens on the Internet" into audio files and so I am offering these as free MP3 files on the site.

I will also be offering other books and all of my articles in MP3 formats so people can listen to them. This is more/less a ministry for those who cannot read English very well or even read at all. And, for those who prefer to listen to MP3 files instead of read.

My websites and radio show are global, almost 200 countries listening and/or visiting my websites and so this is a ministry to all of those who find MP3 more helpful than text.

May the Most High be exalted.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

A truck carrying explosives was destroyed/blown up in Utah as it was on its way to Chicago. I was following the story for a bit earlier this week.

I think it was headed for the Sears Tower. Another OKC scenario. Someone should be checking the Sears Tower for planted implosion explosives...just as the OKC building and the WTC were planted ahead of time with explosives from the ground up...then another excuse was used as the reason they were blown up.

Anyway that's my thoughts on it. Sears Tower in Chicago.

They've blown the lid on their own plans to use 'drills' as a way to pull off their own live terrorist attacks here.

Hats off to the Generals for trying to stop it. They threw a sex scam on one and ousted him for 'sex charges.' Blah blah, must be getting tired of the "bank robbery' charges they throw on patriots. When it comes to the military, no one would doubt a sex scam.

I found the one amusing the other day of another General getting the axe for painting graffiti on peoples cars. he has nothing better to do than carry paint around so he can decorate cars in parking lots.

The patriots in the military are standing up. It's about time. They need our support.

Probably more reason most of them will receive one way tickets out of the country.

Here's a tip, "they're going to kill you overseas." So these military guys and gals need to refuse to go. Period. Mutiny time folks. Defend OUR country from the terrorists in OUR government.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Well I knew they were spewing New Age garbage, I can recognize that a mile away, but now I've learned the "proper" term for them...White Knight Journalists. Ah yes, only a matter of time before they would dominate the "alternative" media or wannabes for that matter.

Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, AKA White Knight Journalists and figments of their own grandeur.

Now they're claiming they are going to be our new leaders and squatters in the White House. I would say it's almost funny, but it IS funny!

Another source for "White Knight Journalism" has been revealed as well, and I'm not liking this one because I always liked them, Cloak and Dagger.

The "White Knights" is what the New Age camp refers to themselves as.

It's like a sucking machine, bit by bit we see organizations and people becoming pawned by either the lizard (NWO) or grey (New Age) crowd. And a lot of those who become pawned don't realize they are because they are chip implanted and hearing from "God." The ELF God that is.

I see it over and over. People who allow past or present anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, and other emotions rule them because they won't forgive, give access to demonization. In turn this gives aliens (fallen angels) access to use them as pawns and gain control of them through abductions and implantations.

Having an abduction experience doesn't mean you're one of them. The Lord has told us how to stop abductions from taking place and I wrote an article on that at my website called "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and Pray I Wake Up Alive." I've also written about "The ELF God" and you can read these at

Repeated abductions means there's a problem. And you can stop them from happening. Don't go to sleep with unconfessed sin. Because that's their access to you and both the aliens and nefarious Satanic branch of the military know it full well.

Keep a check on your emotions folks. They can harm you more than you realize. Unforgiveness of anything and anyone can be detrimental to you. And when you have truly forgiven someone or something you don't harbor bitterness, hatred, anger, are at peace. Peace in the Most High.

That's the only way to stay protected from all the garbage, all the time. Confess your sins daily and forgive, forgive, forgive. Unforgiveness is a darkness that's like a magnet. It draws other darkness to you in the form of Satan and his minions and his then, legal access to you.

Believers don't understand this because they believe their salvation is a blanket coverage from all affects of sin. It is not. As a born again believer we are forgiven for our sins but it is not a blanket coverage. If you overeat and engage in gluttony, a sin, you get fat. If you engage in other sins you will experience the cause and affect. That's why Yahushua says we are to confess our sins. Cause and affect. We are not saved from the affects of our sins in the here and now. Fornication can lead to a sexually transmitted disease, drunkenness can lead to alcholism, etc..Our redemption gives us eternal life in heaven, but if we sin we will and can experience the affects of it.

Don't go to sleep with unconfessed sin and keep your emotions in check, most people don't consider those as sins as much as some of the other blatant ones and so those are the ones often ignored the most and the ones Satan uses the most to get access to Christians and believers.

Spiritual warfare is an ongoing battle, it never ends.

Safeguard yourselves.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is Harry Walther really Richard Landes?

Sent to me by a friend, from Harry's own blog,

The guy definately has problems, he's psycho..

Yes, A Serpent Seedline exists Harry, so get over it. And just because your Jewish (probably Khazar) doesn't mean your automatically in a serpent seedline. Besides, the blood of Jesus Yahushua redeems all those who seek Him, so why all the hatred and animosity Harry? What's your REAL Problem with the truth of the Serpent Seedline? Only those led by His Spirit can be drawn to Him, only those born from above can be drawn to Him.

Why can't you just agree to disagree with people Harry? Why all the hate and ego punching?

Get over yourself.

You're not happy, you're miserable and full of anger, bitterness, and hatred. Real happiness comes from the Most HIM.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sorcha Faal claims Pres Bush is hiding in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Can anyone confirm this?

If so, there will be some real fireworks here this month. If not, on to the usual I imagine, the "could be, would be, will be sooner or later fireworks."

Is America heading into Martial law the next couple of months? If Bush is hiding in
Arabia then most likely!

Sherman Skolnick is standing by his story that indictments were handed down by the
Chicago grand jury against the Bush gang, for Skolnick to stand by it, it lends credibility..I've always respected Skolnick,

The part that taints the entire thing is Stew Webb coming out with the story..nothing he says is ever true..or it's partly true covered in rat poison lies, misconstrued info and outrant libel and slander. I've been on the end of several of his lies so I know by personal experience most of the time he doesn't care if he comes out with something that's true or not, he's more interested in rambling his mouth.

If Stew Webb wasn't attached to the story it would be more credible and believeable.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Tonight 8pm EST, 7pm Central

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Were President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney indicted? What's really going on with Chicago Federal Prosecutors and the White House? Find out tonight!

Listener call-in # 260-356-2611

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

I've heard from several people that Benjamin Creme the official spokesperson for Maitreya was on coast to coast. Apparently people are saying how sick they felt hearing his voice during the interview and that host George Noory had to let him go cause George was feeling sick and tired listening to him.

I also heard many people were hearing a ringing in their heads and had to go to the hospital.

I've been warning for the past couple of years not to listen to these freaks. The time will come when they are on television and the Lord has warned not to watch them. Maitreya, all of them, have some kind of chemical-hypnosis power to mind control people. I don't know what the deal is with the chemical, but I see it all the time in the Bible Codes in relation to these freaks.

Their hypnosis can paralyze people as well and put them in a trance or stupor to where they can't move.

I'm sure they'll fix their mistake so the control they are trying to use over peoples minds isn't as obvious next time as outright ringing in peoples heads but why risk've been forewarned..don't listen to these freaks, directly or indirectly.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I've been looking at the Bible Code for August...

Bush being implicated by a court is a possibility, also what raised my eyebrow was comet-mistaken-firing

I told them it wasn't a comet..

Not to mention the fact they fire on it and just piss off the inhabitants...

Of course the term "firing" can also be as in a verbal sense, people angry over it..

I haven't seen people 'angry' over the firing of this 'comet' other than the New Agers so who still goes back to the whole gate thing in the atmosphere and the Bush crowd trying to stop what's coming through it..

Their last shot is with the shuttle they just launched..don't believe the disinfo as to what this shuttle will be doing etc..NASA puts people to sleep with their BS, especially me.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I should have the archive for the show Aliens in the News up on my site sometime today at

Serpent seedlines, Jesuits, Illuminati, Hybrids, Aliens, Nazis, New Age, Apostates in the churches...face it ..we're surrounded by idiots.

Keep looking up..and keep looking high...the Lord is always with us...He may abide in the heavenlies but His Spirit is always within us...He watches, He sees, He hears, everything...

May the Most High be exalted, not man, not us, not the created, not the creation, but HIM.

Monday, August 01, 2005

There will be a show tonight 8-10pm at

I have had a bit of a break, it was nice to just walk away for a while. The world's going to go to hell with or without the voices of Watchmen to warn people. On earth it's our thankless job, but the Lord will reward His faithful.

The attacks against me have been relentless, so I have heard. I have been staying away from most of it, I don't and I won't respond to people who make up lies and distort and twist the things I say just so they can force their viewpoint and slander on everyone else about me. I don't force my views on anyone, yet these same people are so insistent on forcing their own about me onto everyone else. Hypocrites.

Through the muck there is always one thing that I see in my spirit and that is Yah Himself. His presence is always with me.