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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Americans no longer live in democracy, if we did we wouldn't be swatted under the rug to be ignored as we have been and are being every day. In America 62% of the people want our soldiers out of Iraq. It is not Democracy being enforced on Iraq but Democrazy, the same as it is here.

By their own actions our own government shows the world that Democracy doesn't mean majority rules but that the minority does, and that the minority is the government itself and whatever they decide they want to do regardless of what the people they represent want.

Protestors are branded as unpatriotic. Protests are ignored by the media and not shown on television. Americans are lied to daily about the real number of those who have died
in Iraq, whether civilians or American soldiers.

We didn't elect Bush to a second term, he monopolized the voting to make it look like he won. But would John Kerry have been better? No. So it really makes no difference who is president right now between those two. How about some honest elections? How about allowing people to run for office who aren't Satanists? Or part of an occult. Or avowed one world government freaks? Because those are the only ones who have been allowed to win for the past 30 years.

Americans have been had. We've been sold down the river to Satan freaks and a one world government of tyrants and Alien hybrids running the show.

The Illuminati are Alien hybrids. Children of Fallen Angel seed. They are not pure human. Shouldn't world governments governing humans be run by humans? You would think that would be the case..but it isn't.

Iraq is just an example of what other nations can expect who resist being ruled by Alien Lizards posing as humans claiming they are bringing democrazy to their country. Who's next? Iran? America? Will they silence the protestors of America by destroying it?

It's not a matter of if, but when.

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