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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sorcha Faal claims Pres Bush is hiding in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Can anyone confirm this?

If so, there will be some real fireworks here this month. If not, on to the usual I imagine, the "could be, would be, will be sooner or later fireworks."

Is America heading into Martial law the next couple of months? If Bush is hiding in
Arabia then most likely!

Sherman Skolnick is standing by his story that indictments were handed down by the
Chicago grand jury against the Bush gang, for Skolnick to stand by it, it lends credibility..I've always respected Skolnick,

The part that taints the entire thing is Stew Webb coming out with the story..nothing he says is ever true..or it's partly true covered in rat poison lies, misconstrued info and outrant libel and slander. I've been on the end of several of his lies so I know by personal experience most of the time he doesn't care if he comes out with something that's true or not, he's more interested in rambling his mouth.

If Stew Webb wasn't attached to the story it would be more credible and believeable.

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