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Monday, August 29, 2005

The Lord gave me a message the other day and I thought I had saved it but ended up losing it during one of those rare occasions when I actually turn the computer off. The overall theme of His message was to begin to focus and concentrate on HIS coming and what HE is going to do.

I have spent considerable time informing mankind of the coming deceptions of the Alien and New Age agendas, the New World Order, the beasts that are coming as false prophets, and other things. Now it's time to just focus on Him and what HE is going to do.

So that's the direction I am going in.

Tonight will be my last radio show for a while. I don't have enough to cover the expenses for September so perhaps I'll be back on the air in October. I don't know.

I was watching MSNBC's coverage of Hurricane Katrina and was quite shocked to see scrolling at the bottom of the TV that "Hurricane Katrina is targetting the oil refineries" of blah blah...I don't remember exactly which ones they stated, but I was amused..I mean don't they actually mean those who created Hurricane Katrina are targetting them? LOL..

It never ends.

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