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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Is Sorcha Faal right? Is Bush in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? This picture of Bush allegedly being in Idaho last week is NOT Bush but one of his doubles...or droids as I call can see it at if you click on the picture it will take you to the Yahoo news story of his Idaho visit.

I knew I would have to see actual proof he was gallavanting across the country to believe it and now it's obvious he isn't. He's just sending his droids out posing as him. He's hiding. As Cheney has been. As Cheney always is. The guy is afraid of his own shadow and apparently the White House is being less than truthfull on the real whereabouts of Bush. Imagine that.

I wonder if anyone has bothered to inspect the Sears Tower to see if ownership or management has changed hands the past year(s) or new security firms put in place...let alone structural renovations that could be hiding detonators and explosives. I do think it was the Sears Tower that was the target of that truck that a USAF jet blew up in Utah on it's way to Chicago. And if so, the tower would have been prepared ahead of time for the attack to help its destruction along.

Will World War III begin in September or October? Most say we're already in it. Perhaps we are, but we do know it will escalate to Israel, after all, the Lizards need and want control of the temple mount.

check out this response from a blog reader:

just read your blog, and yes, the Sears Tower has had a new owner since August 2003.

Here's some links:
Sears Tower likely to go to its lender

Sears Tower Has New Owner Aug. 29, 2003

Sears Tower (Encyclopedia)

Sears Tower Official site

Did you know the zip code for The Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois is 60606 ?


Wonder who runs the security there???????????????

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