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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm working on the audios ..tweaking here and there...trying to make the text-to-audios sound more human..

I like listening to Crystal..Mike's voice is a bit shakey, I'm working on it..tweaking..tweaking..

Check this site out, he has some of the Nag Hammadi converted to audios...

People often ask me what the "real" Bible is or should be...there you go..

I know people send arguments that it's the Geneva Bible, and that's not it either. If you want the truth you have to go back to the period of persecution of early believers..because it was all about suppressing and destroying the transcripts and books those early believers had because they were the truth and replacing it with the Council of Nicea's version of the truth and their own creation and manipulation of what we have had since then.

The truth is pre-300 A.D.

The "Anti-Nicene" followers are Paul's students whom he tutored into lies and deceptions..the church today calls them our "early church fathers" and that's a bunch of crap..

The early believers were destroyed because they wouldn't blindly accept Paul, they rejected him, so the persecutions got rid of them, post-persecution the only thing left is Paul and those who like him and their manipulation of what Jesus and the real Apostles taught.

If you want the truth study the early church pre-300 A.D. and the books of that time.

Truth is a journey...

Seek the Most High for the truth in all things and let Him lead you.

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