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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Is Harry Walther really Richard Landes?

Sent to me by a friend, from Harry's own blog,

The guy definately has problems, he's psycho..

Yes, A Serpent Seedline exists Harry, so get over it. And just because your Jewish (probably Khazar) doesn't mean your automatically in a serpent seedline. Besides, the blood of Jesus Yahushua redeems all those who seek Him, so why all the hatred and animosity Harry? What's your REAL Problem with the truth of the Serpent Seedline? Only those led by His Spirit can be drawn to Him, only those born from above can be drawn to Him.

Why can't you just agree to disagree with people Harry? Why all the hate and ego punching?

Get over yourself.

You're not happy, you're miserable and full of anger, bitterness, and hatred. Real happiness comes from the Most HIM.

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