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Friday, August 26, 2005

I have put more photos of Bush on my site at and added more audios to in the coming weeks I may be recording my own articles with my own voice for that site, so for now I have them recorded with ATT's Crystal. I'm really not sure if I want to take on that huge of a project so we'll see. I have over 50 articles and to record them all to audio with my voice would take a while, not to mention some of those articles are over 30 pages long if you were to print them out.

It's not looking like there will be a radio show next month so perhaps the Lord will lead me to do other things, such as the audios, I don't know.

The greater the audience the greater demand to have things more simplified and accessible for people from many different countries.

Seems I'm always under the pressure to do more, more, more.

If there are those who speak languages other than English and would like to translate my articles in their own language for others who speak that language go ahead and then send me the file and I will put them on my websites.

I have made recurring automatic donations available. On my donation pages on my sites such as you can sign up to have donations automatically sent either weekly or monthly to this ministry. Some of you are already starting to or have been tithing weekly or monthly to this ministry and so it might make it easier for you if you choose to go that route. My expenses are getting greater and greater and I need more support from others who will join on to support this ministry.

Thank you and Yah bless.

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