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Saturday, August 13, 2005

A truck carrying explosives was destroyed/blown up in Utah as it was on its way to Chicago. I was following the story for a bit earlier this week.

I think it was headed for the Sears Tower. Another OKC scenario. Someone should be checking the Sears Tower for planted implosion explosives...just as the OKC building and the WTC were planted ahead of time with explosives from the ground up...then another excuse was used as the reason they were blown up.

Anyway that's my thoughts on it. Sears Tower in Chicago.

They've blown the lid on their own plans to use 'drills' as a way to pull off their own live terrorist attacks here.

Hats off to the Generals for trying to stop it. They threw a sex scam on one and ousted him for 'sex charges.' Blah blah, must be getting tired of the "bank robbery' charges they throw on patriots. When it comes to the military, no one would doubt a sex scam.

I found the one amusing the other day of another General getting the axe for painting graffiti on peoples cars. he has nothing better to do than carry paint around so he can decorate cars in parking lots.

The patriots in the military are standing up. It's about time. They need our support.

Probably more reason most of them will receive one way tickets out of the country.

Here's a tip, "they're going to kill you overseas." So these military guys and gals need to refuse to go. Period. Mutiny time folks. Defend OUR country from the terrorists in OUR government.

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