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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Well I knew they were spewing New Age garbage, I can recognize that a mile away, but now I've learned the "proper" term for them...White Knight Journalists. Ah yes, only a matter of time before they would dominate the "alternative" media or wannabes for that matter.

Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan, AKA White Knight Journalists and figments of their own grandeur.

Now they're claiming they are going to be our new leaders and squatters in the White House. I would say it's almost funny, but it IS funny!

Another source for "White Knight Journalism" has been revealed as well, and I'm not liking this one because I always liked them, Cloak and Dagger.

The "White Knights" is what the New Age camp refers to themselves as.

It's like a sucking machine, bit by bit we see organizations and people becoming pawned by either the lizard (NWO) or grey (New Age) crowd. And a lot of those who become pawned don't realize they are because they are chip implanted and hearing from "God." The ELF God that is.

I see it over and over. People who allow past or present anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, and other emotions rule them because they won't forgive, give access to demonization. In turn this gives aliens (fallen angels) access to use them as pawns and gain control of them through abductions and implantations.

Having an abduction experience doesn't mean you're one of them. The Lord has told us how to stop abductions from taking place and I wrote an article on that at my website called "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and Pray I Wake Up Alive." I've also written about "The ELF God" and you can read these at

Repeated abductions means there's a problem. And you can stop them from happening. Don't go to sleep with unconfessed sin. Because that's their access to you and both the aliens and nefarious Satanic branch of the military know it full well.

Keep a check on your emotions folks. They can harm you more than you realize. Unforgiveness of anything and anyone can be detrimental to you. And when you have truly forgiven someone or something you don't harbor bitterness, hatred, anger, are at peace. Peace in the Most High.

That's the only way to stay protected from all the garbage, all the time. Confess your sins daily and forgive, forgive, forgive. Unforgiveness is a darkness that's like a magnet. It draws other darkness to you in the form of Satan and his minions and his then, legal access to you.

Believers don't understand this because they believe their salvation is a blanket coverage from all affects of sin. It is not. As a born again believer we are forgiven for our sins but it is not a blanket coverage. If you overeat and engage in gluttony, a sin, you get fat. If you engage in other sins you will experience the cause and affect. That's why Yahushua says we are to confess our sins. Cause and affect. We are not saved from the affects of our sins in the here and now. Fornication can lead to a sexually transmitted disease, drunkenness can lead to alcholism, etc..Our redemption gives us eternal life in heaven, but if we sin we will and can experience the affects of it.

Don't go to sleep with unconfessed sin and keep your emotions in check, most people don't consider those as sins as much as some of the other blatant ones and so those are the ones often ignored the most and the ones Satan uses the most to get access to Christians and believers.

Spiritual warfare is an ongoing battle, it never ends.

Safeguard yourselves.

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