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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I have taken the Beast Prophet Forum down for now. It's constantly running amuck with craziness and I don't have time to babysit it.

I put it up so people could have a place to go and learn about future and current events, the NWO, the New Age, the Alien agenda etc...but it moreless seems to be constantly dominated and attacked by demonized "Christians" who want to turn it into a zoo for their own egos, opinions and argue about doctrines rather than prepare the Lord's people for what's coming.

No wonder the Lord keeps His people "in the wilderness." Seems you could put 20 online Christians in a room with boxing gloves and within 10 minutes they'd probably be going at it. I can't stand it. People can't agree to disagree at all without having violent temper tantrums whether it be lists or boards.

The Lord wants us to be prepared for what's coming ahead, not incessitantly debate about Scriptures and doctrines. If you have a question seek Him for the answer. Most people think it's up to themselves to argue their point of view of what they think they know and shove it down everyone else. I am not going to argue with anyone.

My websites reveal things the Lord has led me to or into, if someone doesn't agree I don't have a problem with it, I also don't deserve insults and condescension because I won't be bullied into their "point of view." They can move on to other websites who share their views. And that seems to be what demonizes them the most. The fact that I can't be swayed into their line of thinking..they practically go into convulsions of anger because of it.

I do what the Lord leads me to do, not man. I say what the Lord reveals for me to say, and if man doesn't like it so what..

I can agree to disagree. Why can't they?

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