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Monday, August 01, 2005

There will be a show tonight 8-10pm at

I have had a bit of a break, it was nice to just walk away for a while. The world's going to go to hell with or without the voices of Watchmen to warn people. On earth it's our thankless job, but the Lord will reward His faithful.

The attacks against me have been relentless, so I have heard. I have been staying away from most of it, I don't and I won't respond to people who make up lies and distort and twist the things I say just so they can force their viewpoint and slander on everyone else about me. I don't force my views on anyone, yet these same people are so insistent on forcing their own about me onto everyone else. Hypocrites.

Through the muck there is always one thing that I see in my spirit and that is Yah Himself. His presence is always with me.

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