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Monday, February 28, 2005

I will be a guest on the Dr. Stan Monteith radio show tomorrow night. You can catch his program at

It's 9pm Pacific Time, midnight EST. So configure your time schedule in between that somewhere. .

I'm sure it will be archived on his site as well and I will also post a link on my sites if it's available to do so.

We will be talking about NESARA, what it is, who is behind it, the players, the agenda, the truth, the lies. If you listen to my show I talk about it all the time so it will be a great review from start to finish of NESARA and what they have planned.

I also have articles on NESARA at and

What is NESARA? The Political Agenda of the Antichrist.
Well, the war month is almost here.

Will Bush attack Iran and Syria at the same time?

Not that I want to be practicing medicine without a license, but the guy needs his head examined.

Putting the USA into any more wars when he can't get a grip on Iraq is nation-suicide. He's inviting war here on our own soil.

His actions are begging other nations to bomb us and come up against us.

Then again, that's probably always been the plan.

Watch Javier Solana as the nations that do hate us join up with him in an alliance to protect themselves from us.

Yes, we're the bullies. Actually, just Bush and the neocons, but unfortunately the citizens of the USA are guilty by association.

I'm working on a code for Javier. I'm going through several of them so I will post something soon enough.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

I talked to author Constance Cumby today. She wrote The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow. Had a great conversation with her.

We talked about Javier Solana and his possible role as the coming Antichrist.

I will be putting out some information on him soon.

He is a definate candidate. His mother has some kind of relation with Sir Francis Bacon, we know St. Germaine masquerades as Bacon, will Germaine reinvent himself through Solana?

Probably. It is Germaine, with the fake nail holes in his hands who the New Agers promote as the man who never dies and knows everything.

Germaine claims to have been several different people throughout history.

Will he and Javier Solana become the "same person?"

It could happen folks.

While the new agers are watching for Germaine, everyone else can watch for Solana. Germaine just reinvents himself and could incarnate Solana.

more later...

Friday, February 25, 2005

Teach Me How To Pray
by Sherry Shriner

Jesus taught us how to pray in Matthew chapter 6:

But thou, when thou prayest enter into thy closet, and when thou has shut the door, pray to the Father which is in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.

Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him (verses 6-13).

When we pray He wants a quiet, one on one time with us. In the earlier days the Pharisees would pray loudly on the corners of the streets just so people would see them and see how pious they were. It was for show and recognition. He wants us to just come to Him without pomp or splash, recognition or display. And most of us do. However, most don't give a thought of prayer until they are falling asleep and then trail off into dreamland somewhere in the middle of it.

Then people wonder, "Why doesn't He hear my prayers"!? Perhaps it got muffled somewhere in between the snoring? Or maybe your prayer was out of alignment with Scripture to begin with? And since all things happen or don't within His will, perhaps the answer was No.

The biggest reason most people never get results with prayer is because they are seeking things not of Him. He gave us a model of prayer:

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever (Matt. 6:9-13).

Just a few verses down He admonishes us:

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also (verse 19-21).

People ask me, how do you pray? Most people just don't know how to pray and they want to know how others pray so they can learn.

The churches teach that every little materialistic thing we want is just a prayer away. They teach prayer as a power or force directed at God of which He is then forced to respond. Blab it and grab it.

Well that is not the way it works with Him. He does not want us to spend our time with Him rambling on about the things we want or need. He doesn't want our want lists He wants our hearts. And who are we to demand anything of Him? He is GOD, we are not.

He has already told us not to do that. Yet how many make prayer their sole time of rattling off what they want or need and never move on to anything else? They claim they don't because after all they throw in a few other things to masque it, but they are only kidding themselves and the Lord is not amused. He is patient, but not amused when the main focus of prayers is spent on what someone wants or needs in regards to this earth and the things in it.

If you were of His heart you would be praying for His judgment on this wicked earth and for Him to utterly destroy it because of the rejection of Him here instead of another car, house, winning the lottery or whatever else would make your life easier in a world He told you not to be a part of. "Be in the world but not of the world" ring a bell?

Didn't He say "lay not up for yourselves treasures on this earth?" Yet most people pray and seek the things of this earth. And the things He wants us to do, "lay up treasures in heaven" people ignore.

I had to learn this myself years ago. I was always praying amiss in regards to how He wants us to pray. So I asked Him to teach me how to pray. He didn't recite Matthew 6 to me. He didn't say anything. But I noticed I started to change myself. That my interests of this earth no longer mattered. Frankly I started losing interest of this earth. I found myself asking for more of Him and I couldn't get enough of it. I would bug Him all the time for the same things, or more, more, more of something in particular. And I still do to this day. Persistence.

I ask for His eyes, ears, and heart. And when you ask for these types of things He gives them in measure. A little here, a little there. That's why I always seek for more. I want all of Him, to be more like Him.

I ask for things not of this world.

I ask Him for strength, boldness, discernment, to see things how He sees them, to hear things how He hears them, and to feel things how He feels them. I ask Him for the truth in all things and for Him to keep me from evil. I ask Him to talk to me, to reveal things to me, to walk with me. I praise Him, I thank Him, and I adore Him.

Your prayers reveal your heart to Him. Are you of this world or are you of Him?

I don't spend a lot of time praying about my enemies or telling Him how broke I am or how miserable I am. He knows I hate it here. If my enemies are bothering me I ask Him to take care of them and I leave it at that. I mean come on folks, how much more powerful is it to leave your enemies and problems in His hands? What do you think you can do compared to what He can or will do? So why dwell on it? Why dwell on the problems of this earth when there's nothing you yourself can do about them anyway? Give them to Him. He wants them. As far as I'm concerned, He can have every one of mine. I don't want to waste my time on something He said He would already take care of. Don't run in circles with yourself or around Him.

He knows what we need before we ask Him. And He is not deaf or hard of hearing. There is a difference between being persistent about something spiritual and something materialistic. He will not say no to a request on the spiritual, but if you are bugging Him for a materialistic thing and you haven't gotten it then stop the temper tantrums already the answer was no or later.

People actually lose their faith or abandon it all together because their prayers are not answered the way they want them to be. The prosperity beast prophets teach name it and claim it, and they will teach it all the way to the pit of hell knowing it is making you miserable and losing your faith in God because you are not getting anything but suckered into false doctrines. Millions have been deceived by them and praying amiss because they believed them instead of searching the Scriptures for themselves on how to pray instead.

Many people actually believe that to get anything from the Lord they must give money to these beasts masquerading as pastors and evangelists to finance their multi-million dollar entertainment facilities they call churches and their lavish lifestyles. They think they have to pay for gifts from the Lord as in "sowing seeds." That is heresy folks.

Pray for things that will make you more like the Most High. Seek Him and His kingdom above everything else. Pray for the things you need of Him to fulfill your calling in Him, or to realize what that is, or to do His work here on earth. Our reward is in heaven, our reward is heaven.

Set your mind on things above and there is where your heart will be.

Dear Heavenly Father, the Most High,

Teach me how to pray. I know I have been praying the wrong way and I need You to teach me the right way. And Teach me the truth in all things so I can get out of the deceptions I am in and learn what the truth is from You Yourself. I want to learn from You, not man.
Father give me discernment so I can know what is of You and what isn't. And help me to learn who you are, reveal Yourself to me so I can learn who you are and transform me Father so I can become more like you.
Thank you Father, I love you. I praise your Name and seek to serve You and only You.
I Love You the Most High, in Yahushuah's Name, Amen.

Praying isn't a science but there is a wrong way and a right way. Pray from the heart and seek the things of Him. Learn how to talk to Him as you would a friend, yet reverence His sovereignty. And remember, any relationship is a two-way road. Be still and listen for His small voice in your spirit as you pray. Allow Him to speak to you, don't shut Him out. He doesn't speak to your head, He speaks to your heart. So listen to His voice in your heart and rebuke any you hear in your head.

Love Him. That is all He wants. Everything else falls into place after that. Ask Him daily to walk with you and be with you. You will get to the point you don't even have to ask Him anymore because you will have learned to recognize He is already with you.

Ask Him to teach you how to pray.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Just posted another article:

The New Age Plan to Defeat Christianity
Ascended Masters = New Age = Same thing
Well I've been busy writing more articles on Bible Prophecy. The Lord has me in this direct area and I am enjoying it. I have spent most my life in Bible prophecy and the books of the Prophets, so I'm comfortable with it.

I never thought I would see the day that the central defense of the faith would be the fundamental of the Lord's death on the cross. And not attacks from those outside the church, but from those inside it.

Yet the Lord and His apostles warned us that the last days would become so apostate people WOULD reject His death and sacrifice on the cross. When you reject His death, you reject and deny His redemption for us. There is no way to the Father but through His Son Jesus, Yahushua.

There is no other Name under heaven in which one can be saved. There is no other mediator between God and Man but Yahushua Himself.

Keep the faith. Don't let the enemies of Yahushua, and the enemies of the cross cause you to stumble and reject your salvation.

It's happening.

The apostate age is here. And it's not outside the churches, it's within.

Safeguard yourselves of the truth that is in you that the Lord has given you.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

I just posted a new article :

The Sign of the End of the Age
By Sherry Shriner

...Peter warned of false teachers who would arise in our churches teaching damnable and destructive heresies, even denying the Lord that had bought them, in other words, they would deny the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

The apostle was not warning us of minor variations within the Christian faith that often characterizes the differences of opinion between our church denominations, but he prophesied a departure from true church doctrine of such great magnitude and character that it would deny the very foundation of the faith to the extent that it would make God's salvation impossible to those who follow their doctrinal heresies and believe these teachings. He described these heresies as "denying the Lord that bought them." In other words, denying His death on the cross bringing upon themselves swift destruction because their name is taken out of the Book of Life. Jesus says those who deny Him before men, HE will deny before His Father.

In Revelation chapters two and three Yahushua characterizes the different churches throughout the church age and the end of the age. In chapter three Yahushua tells the church of Sardis to hold tight to their faith and watch for His Second Coming and rewards them for being overcomers, not being overcome by the deceptions. Their names are not blotted out of the book of Life and He confesses their names before His Father and His angels. This indicates that those who do not overcome, their names ARE blotted out of the Book of Life.

So many deceptions today..but the most damnable is the most dominant and creeping into our churches today..that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross. Therefore, no need for a resurrection or even a Second Coming or anything else HE foretold and warned us of.

Can 5.5 billion people be wrong? Yes.

That's approximately how many reject Jesus Christ's sacrifice on the cross for our sins. Our redemption from sin.

Jesus said the road to heaven was narrow.

New age theologies and Islam are taking over most of religion today. Just because they are huge movements or religions does it mean they are right and everybody else wrong? No. Jesus said the last days would be apostate, and apostasy, false religions, false prophets and false christs would dominate the earth.

The majority throughout history has always been wrong. To deny Jesus as the Son of God, you deny the One, the Most High God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Because if you deny Jesus, you deny the Father.

The tomb of Jesus is empty. The tomb of Mohammad and every other false prophet to walk across the stage of history is full of bone dust.

Jesus, Yahushua died on the cross, arose 3 days later defeating death, and is coming back again.
His truth is all we need. To those who overcome the last days of lies, deceptions and apostasies and hold onto their faith in Him they will be given white robes and eternal life with Him.

Don't fall for the lies and deceptions of the New Age and Islam.

Friday, February 18, 2005

A lot of people sending me emails asking about Mary.

Protestants have their Paul. Catholics have their Mary.

Neither religion could survive without their sole central figure of it, yet both deny it.

Mary has always been used to elevate her above Yahushua Himself. He's always depicted as a baby in her arms for that reason. It elevates her and her position above Him as His mother. No where does the Word ever say to worship the mother or to put her in a place of esteem. She was chosen among women to be His mother, which was an honor, but come on folks, He never elevated her or even spoke of her in His teachings.

Catholics use her as an intercessor between man and Jesus. One we don't need or is even Biblical. The Jews of old had priests, when Jesus came HE became that intercessor between God and man. We are to pray to Him directly. Not through Mary. The Word says the dead know nothing. So who is this person masquerading as Mary? A demonic counterfeit and fake to lead people into idolatry, heresy and blasphemy. The same kind of pawn used by the church in Paul to deceive the protestants.

Mary replaced the pagan Queen of Heaven in Name only. They kept the ancient pagan goddess and changed the name. Paul accomplished what Judas couldn't, to destroy Christianity. He owns churchianity today. Yahushua said the last generation on earth would be wicked and in apostasy. What dominates the religions today? Mary and Paul.

Satan has his deceptions well planted in both. That is why Yahweh admonishes His people to "come out of her" the wicked whore of the last days (in religious symbolism context), the religious apostasy leading the nation astray.

Today's churches all think they are doctrinally correct and the best and more adept in knowledge and underestanding than any of our past generations. Yah calls them apostate whores. Who's right?

The churches love to quote "knowledge would increase in the last days" and manipulate that as an excuse for their apostasies, heresies and blasphemies. He also said the last generation would be the most apostate, they choose to simply ignore that one.

The increase of knowledge would be in pertaining to His Second Coming, recognizing where we are in prophecy and that His Second Coming is near. It had nothing to do with inventing or supporting demonic doctrines and heresies.

Give it up.

Give it all up and seek the Lord directly. Don't be found in idolatry. Don't be involved in idol worship. Placing someone or something else in front of Him. Even if it's a "religious" figure. Don't quote them, quote HIM. Don't rely on them, rely on HIM.

Yahweh says, "Come Back to ME."

Are you listening?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Monday, February 14, 2005

The churches would have you think it is our job to protect Israel at all costs. That Zionism is Christian patriotism and protecting the Lord's people.

It is one of the biggest deceptions of the last days churches.

Bible believing Jews reject Zionism. Zionism is a political agenda based on atheism, not a theological society.

What is a real Jew? A Jew is one who is either born of a Jewish mother or adopts Judaism and the laws of Yahweh.

How many today realize that Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, not one of these matriarchs was born a Jewess but were all converts to Judaism? Or about the 2 tribes Ephraim and Manasseh, sons of Joseph, born of an Egyptian woman who converted to Judasim?

Being Jewish isn't about race, it's about conformity. Conformity to the Most High God and His laws. Even Moses married a Midianite woman who conformed to Judaism. Even King David, the greatest king the Jews ever had was born through a gentile grandmother, Ruth, who converted to Judaism.

The New Testament didn't change or replace the laws of Yahweh. The churches that teach the Old Testament as the "Old Covenant" are replacing Yahweh's laws as outdated despite the fact Yahushuah and His apostles still celebrated the feasts and observed the Jewish laws. Those who accepted His atonement and sacrifice for sins were adopted as Jews and the laws were now written on their hearts as they were led by the Holy Spirit to follow them. They were never negated and done away with as taught by the churches today. And most churches today will base their doctrinology on Paul's books. The self-appointed apostle that Jesus warned His flock of before He left.

Before He left He warned them of false apostles entering the flock, not new ones.

Before He left He admonished them to "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees."

He warned of one who would come in his own name that the people would receive.

The church today and in the past ignored His warnings and developed their theologies around Paul. Did the early apostles? No. They rejected him as an apostle. So the churches after 325 A.D. rejected the original apostles and embraced Paul's gospel.

Those who are pro Paul will try and drum up support for Paul by Peter who in 2 Peter call him 'brother.' The same brother that was brought before the Jerusalem Council barely escaping excommunication had he not promised to change his teachings. Calling someone a brother is a far cry from calling someone an anointed apostle of the Lord's.

Without using Paul's own words, or his own books or the book by his publicist Luke, you can't prove he was appointed as an apostle. His own claim stands or falls on his own words. You either believe him or you don't. He changed his "Damascus" revelation every time he told it. He lies and contradicts himself throughout his own writings and boldly proclaims, "I preach to you another Gospel." Yet many in the churches today like Paul's feel good do nothing theology over Judaism so embrace it.

Those in the churches today will tell you that Paul replaced the other apostles. That the Lord appointed Paul to replace them all. They actually believe this and based on Paul's writings himself. No other source, or confirmation, they believe Paul and reject the Most High.

So not only are the churches faltering on not following the Lord's commands and keeping His feasts and sabbaths, they are funding and protecting atheists who reject Him as the Most High God.

Armed with the truths of Yahweh, when you stand back and look at the churches today it is easy to see why they are such and abomination to Him.

The Bible believing Jews are against the creation of a state until the Lord returns. It was the atheist, Talmud (Jesus hating) Jews who created Israel so they could control it and turn the Jews against their creator and steer them into the same Atheism and Satanism they follow via the Talmud.

Satan wanted to destroy the Jews. By creating a state of Israel and Zionism he has effectively done that to the majority. The Bible Believing Torah was replaced by the Talmud and those who are Bible Believing are persecuted. Their voices never heard in a Zionist controlled Israel and American media.

If you Google the phrase "Jews against Zionism" you will get a better understanding of why the Bible believing Jews hate Zionism and are against the state of Israel.

Will the churches ever pull their heads out of the sand and stop being pawns of the devil to push and promote his own agendas?

Paul was a Talmudic Jew. If he were alive today that would be a Zionist. He was a Mithraic initiate of the Roman government and a Talmud believing Pharisee. He infiltrated the church to destroy it from within and lead the people away from Yahweh and into falsehoods.

Today Yahweh says, "Lead My people back to Me." Are you willing to return to the Most High God or will you continue to be deceived by Satan through the churches today?

The churches stand on the KJV as the inerrant Word of God as they follow Satan into the traps he has set within it. And Yahweh allowed it. Just as the Garden of Eden contained both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge and Good and Evil where one led to life, and the other ruin, and eventually death, the Bible contains the same. Yahweh has always tested His people. If you were following His commands to seek Him the truth would be revealed to you, but many replace seeking Him with their churches and the KJV.

The Word became flesh through Yahushuah, Jesus. Jesus is Inerrant. The KJV didn't exist back then folks. The Scriptures were the Torah which contain the laws of God and the feasts we are to celebrate. Not these pagan festivals of Christmas trees and easter bunnies. The New Testament did not replace and negate the Old Testament as taught by Antichrist Paul.

Which tree are you eating from? The tree of Life (Yahushuah) or the tree of death (Paul the Antichrist)?

Yahweh says, "Come Back to ME."

Thursday, February 10, 2005

I just posted a new article:

NESARA and The Omegans - The Unveiling
By Sherry Shriner

I could probably write for a month about these Omegans and NESARA and still never touch the tip of the iceberg with them.

I am still working on yet more info about them so I probably will be spending most of the month on this agenda.

Is it simply a distraction? Could be. But one we need to be aware of since it is so dominant behind the scenes today.

People say NESARA doesn't exist.
There sure is a lot of info about something that doesn't exist. Just like UFOs, aliens, Satan, oh yeah, they say God doesn't exist either. Whenever they say something doesn't exist you know it does.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Beasts, beasts, everywhere beasts.

2005 is going to be the year of beasts.

Maitreya, Sananda, Germaine, Benny Hinn, George de'fuhrer the wannabe and Hillary the trying to be.

Philistines, aliens, ufo's with nothing better to do than watch and stalk mankind until they have enough of the gullible public begging for their physical appearances on earth.

Are people that stupid? Yes. How many New Agers have committed treason against God and mankind already by accepting the beast prophets lies and charades. They actually believe what these beast aliens tell them that they are ascended masters from heaven itself. False Christs, false messiahs, false gods, all actors playing their stage on Earth for the last days. And a massive gullible audience already buying their deceit and con games.

Maitreya and Sananda will continue playing their god charades in the middle east until they venture over here to America where a dumbed down church will accept them.

Is George Bush the Antichrist? Is Hillary Clinton?

With so many beasts how do they all fit?

I'm starting to wonder if there won't be a false flag tribulation era first before the real one hits.

I guess it all depends on what cards are played but there's so many beasts fighting for attention right now it's enough to keep the skeptics with their brows raised and those who think they know what's going on wondering what the heck is.

I've been musing over the possible scenarios to take place.

I've written about Sananda and I'll be coming out with some info on Germaine. You can see his beast code at

I haven't heard anything about the peace treaty ceasefire so someone send me some info.

Probably what could be the most important news of this decade and everyone's sleeping on the job. Is this the treaty the Antichrist confirms in September? Will it be this year?

Is this the year for the rapture of the 144,000? Watch for the treaty confirmation. The first fruits rapture is right around that time as well.

A lot of people get confused over the 144,000. Because they don't know who they are and they take it literal instead of the religous symbollogy it uses. If you're confused over the 144,000 and who they really are check out my article at

The rapture of the 144k is the first fruits rapture. Which means there is no mysterious rapture of millions around the earth folks. Why? Because those in the first fruits rapture are found without guile. No witchcrafts. Try telling the church that today who are in love with their witchcrafts and idolatries. I guess you could say only 144,000 will really understand what that is because the rest just don't get it.

And when you think about it, it's almost amazing there's 144,000 who haven't bought into the modern day falseologies of the churches and all their idolatries and delusions. The majority has always been wrong and the minority always castigated by the majority for telling them so.

Nothing much has changed.

Nothing much will.

In 2005 the infiltration and possession of believers is going to become dominant as they embrace false doctrines and delusions. Alien and demonic possession folks. If someone is teaching you things that are not of Yehova then don't listen to them. Are they leading you away from Him or to Him? Is is Yah's way or Paul's way? The dividing line is settling. Paul preaches another gospel that leads people away from what Yahushua and His real apostles taught. Are you going to wait till it's to late because your stubborness, brain washing and ignorance won't allow you to see the truth?

Seek the Lord for truth in all things. Put aside your theologies and head knowledge and seek Yehovah for the truth.

Your churches are lying to you. And it all started with the fear tactic of the KJV being inerrant placed by the RCC. Yahweh is inerrant. Seek Him.

How many people have placed their Bibles as idols before establishing a personal relationship with Yahweh?


144,000 out of the millions who profess His Name.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Hello folks,

Is the rush on for a peace treaty in the mid east?

Israel, Palestinians to Declare Cease-Fire
"Sides to announce formal end to fighting at summit in Egypt tomorrow."
Stories are available at So that would be at the summit today since I didn't get this posted earlier.

Wonder who is presiding at the Summit? Which beast will show up ..Germaine, Sananda.. Maitreya.. I'm sure if they are there it won't be publicised anyway. Wimps.

Is it their time? Is it not their time yet..

Remember a peace treaty will come about that the Antichrist "confirms" if you're following Daniel prophecy.

When would a confirmation take place? Most likely in September of whatever year...

Is 2005 the year? I guess we'll see. I wouldn't be suprised in the least..

It was the alien freaks claiming they were going to announce their NESARA on Feb. 20-23 so perhaps this Egypt summit is the Illuminati's way of silencing them.

There's two dominant groups in the end times scenario, the alien freaks and the possessed freaks of the Illuminati.

The alien freaks stay invisible and control from behind the scenes and through their new age channelers to keep everyone sitting at the edge of their seats for all this "transformation" coming that the gullible are salivating over. They claim mankind are "physical angels on the earth" and so can transform into their higher states and change soul paths to eventually reach godhood.

The Illuminati freaks are the possessed humans running our governments today who are serpent seedline and controlled and possessed by the reptilians for the Draconian branch of Lucifer.

Of course Lucifer sits at the top of both groups and plays them both like pawns against each other. He doesn't care which group gets him to power, as long as one of them does. The pawns are merely fighting over positioning in his coming satanic kingdom on earth they're trying to sell as peace and prosperity.

The one group, the Illuminati are more closely following Biblical prophecy, the alien freaks are following prophecy, but they are coming through the back door.

Someone sent me an email and said "a small voice" told them that NESARA was the temporary wound of the head of the beast.

That could make complete sense.

The only thing I can do is sit here and watch the pieces, players, and what falls where and when and try to keep people informed.

Being aware is the first step.

Being aware of what is going on around you so you're not caught off guard and deceived by something.

I'm trying to cover the bases as the Lord leads me.

Keep your eyes on Biblical prophecy, but be prepared for curve balls.

That is all we can do until we know what we know, what we know.

Friday, February 04, 2005

People need to stop their hatreds and lies against me. Am I a racist? No, I never have been. Do I teach a white man's theology? No, never have.

The Lord's redemption is available to all those who seek Him, without regard to race, color, or sex. To say anything else is ludicrous.

Those who know me, and especially the ones on my Yahoo lists, know full well what I believe, and that the Lord's salvation is available to everyone who seeks Him. Is there a bad seedline? Yes. Are they all unredeemable? No. The Lord has allowed good seed in the bad seedlines as well as bad seed in the good seedlines. Only He ultimately knows who is who and where. After 6000 years of race mixing do you really think there is a pure seedline out there? No, there isn't. That's not what the Bible says. The Bible says in the last days, and especially in these days, all the bloodlines would be contaminated. Are there uncontaminated people such as Noah? Yes, who are they? I have no idea.

Jesus died so that all could receive His redemption who wanted it. He made it available to all those who seek Him. Period.

Those who truly belong to Satan will refuse the Lord's redemption. Do we need to worry about that? No. It's not up to us to decide who can and who can't accept His salvation. It's our job to preach it to the world so that all can hear, and make their own choice as to whether to receive or reject Him. It's not our job to "play God" and decide who can or can't be saved.

I don't know how anyone could read my material and come up with such a twisted and manipulated view of me being discriminatory. It's these people that are being used as pawns of the devil to come up against me and the Lord will put them down Himself. They blame their faults on me, or things that didn't go their way on me, but it's the Lord Himself so they need to grow up and recognize that they are being punished by HIM indirectly through others. That when they come up against me, HE will protect me, because I am His.

I'm not Adolf Hitler...I don't preach anything about a pure race or only one race that can be saved, or that only one particular race is cursed and every person in it. So I don't know how anyone can read my material and come to that conclusion. They see what they want to see, they read what they want to read and twist it for their own purposes to come against me when it's lies and falsehoods they are creating on their own about me.

They are being used as pawns of the devil and they can't even recognize that.

I don't know how anyone could read my material and ever come to the conclusion that I am a racist. In fact anyone who knows me, knows discrimination isn't something I will put up with in 2 seconds. Those on my Yahoo lists know full well I don't agree with it. But yet someone who claims to be a pastor is spreading hatred and lies about me that I'm Adolf Hitler and a racist. I suggest he go back and read my articles instead of just picking and twisting what I say to suit his own evil and hatred mentality.

He's a pawn of the devil's to come against me and I'm tired of it. You can't even reason with someone like that because they hear only what they want to and then twist it the way they want to.

Are all whites Israelites or Jews? No. Are all dark skinned people Israelites or Jews? No. Are all blacks and Jews cursed? No. Can the Lord's sacrifice and blood redeem us from curses? Yes.

The Lord will redeem all those who seek Him. Every person who seeks Him can receive His salvation.

Is there a bad seedline? Yes. Are all those associated with the seedline beyond redemption? No.

The Lord offers His salvation to all those who seek Him without regard to race, color, sex, or religion.

So let's kick that in the butt and stop the lies and hatred. People need to stop their hatreds, Yahweh will put them down Himself if they don't. People want to blame thier faults and everything else on me, they allow themselves to twist and manipulate anything I've said or written for their own purposes, I have nothing to do with those people they are pawns of the devil and the Lord will put them all down. He puts down my enemies. He puts a stop to them Himself. It has nothing to do with me other than HE is watching over me.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sananda...what a scoundrel.

The magnitude of how he has worked over the years is just going to astound people. It did me. Think about it...the person who has portrayed the picture of Jesus that we have seen all of our lives..the person people have seen in Near Death Sananda.

Not Jesus, not the Son of the Most High has been SANANDA.

He has been playing the role of Jesus behind the scenes all this time.

The Jesus people have seen in visions, the Jesus people have seen in night time has been SANANDA.

Sananda, Sananda, Sananda. He's a fraud, a mocker, an imitator, a blasphemer of the Most High God.

When he comes he will have an aura of authority about him, he will heal the sick, he will restore missing limns for people, he will raise the dead. He will be the great healer, he will mock and imitate everything the real Jesus, Yahushua did when He was here.

Sananda's going to do everything Jesus did and people are going to call him Jesus.

People think because they are Christians that "Jesus" has really appeared to them. They were deceived, they are being deceived, and they are going to royally be deceived when Sananda arrives himself for good. Because he's the one that's been showing himself to them as Jesus and so they are going to recognize him as Jesus and proclaim he's Jesus. Fraud, Fraud, Fraud.

We have been so conditioned in pictures on what "Jesus" looks like, that when he arrives or shows himself to people they don't even bother to test the spirit as commanded in the Word.

Test the spirits whether they be of God.

And if that's not bad enough, this Sananda-Jesus has his own lead angel Michael. Those familiar with spiritual warfare know how demons and fallen angels will take on the names of Biblical figures to mimmick them. And that's what we have here folks, a complete mockery and imitation of the real Jesus, Yahushua Son of God, and the archangel Michael. The ones coming are FRAUDS.

Will it be convincing? Yes. Will they be convincing? Yes.

These two, Sananda-Jesus and angel Michael (with his forces) have been masquerading behind the scenes as the real beings themselves when they are not. They have deceived many in the New Age and more esoteric theologies that are familiar with them in assistance, channelling etc..Even Christians who proclaim the false prophecies given to them by this Sananda and seeing Sananda's "angelic forces."

Wake up people..Wake up they are FRAUDS.

Remember, the false Jesus, the false Father-God and the false angelic forces all COME FIRST.

When you see these beings rebuke them. Test the Spirits. Especially when they just start showing up here on earth..remember that they are FRAUDS.

Don't be deceived by the deceptions of Satan. Many of you already have been, and are being deceived now by these very beings. Seek Yahweh for the truth. Ask Him to keep you from evil. Ask Him to open your eyes and remove the blinders so the truth in all things can be revealed to you.

Don't fall for the games, don't fall for the deceptions.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm here.

I have been speechless lately.

Yah has been showing me something and so I've been dwelling on it for a while. I am sure I'll be writing something soon on it.

So hang in there folks and I'll be coming out with a new article soon enough.

For those with ears, hear. The dividing line between the wicked and righteous is widening. The side of the wicked is, obviously, dominant. But it is claiming many of those consumed in their iniquities and witchcrafts. Those in our churches and those whom we call brethren.

When a person gets stuck in a false practice the Lord will try to reach them. When they refuse His instruction or chastisement, or warning, they then let that iniquity consume them and He will allow them to be taken over by the controlling spirit behind it.

This is why His judgment will start in the church first. Because many of those in iniquities and witchcrafts are going to be given over to their delusions, idolatries and iniquity. Consumed by them they will get evil and more evil to where they will hate the brethren who don't walk in their same iniquity. The church is going to become completley intolerant of those who don't conform to their teachings, doctrines, iniquities and witchcrafts. And by the church I mean Christianity in general with all the affiliations, denominations, organizations and groups. That is why the Lord has called many into the wilderness, to be away from it. He has called many to be out from among them and away from them. Because those in the wilderness will become the targets of their hatred.

And then it will spread out into the world. The Lord will given them over to their delusions and hatreds and that's why so many in secret societies and Satan freak groups think that Lucifer is the real god. Because they were given over to their delusions with their constant denial of the Most High God. And they were allowed to have successes and the things of this world, but for the exchange of their own souls in the process.

We are experiencing now, more than ever, unless it's just something I'm waking up to, a massive invasion of demonic and alien possession from within. Not a physical invasion but a spiritual and bodily one.

The Lord has strived with man, to bring those who called Him Lord to Him, He will no longer strive for those who are persistent in keeping their delusions. He is giving them over to their iniquities. It is not the time to be backsliding, or jumping on the fence. Or off it for that matter.

Run to Him. Seek Him. Before it is to late and you are given over to your delusions and the demonic and alien possession overtakes you that is invading the world.

Those who are not in the sheep fold are fair game to Lucifer. Because we are either the Lord's or we are not. His bride is found without guile. There is no guile among them (Rev. 7&14). They are not into abominations, given over to witchcrafts and doctrines of devils.

Search your heart and seek the Lord and don't let anything of evil be found. Ask Him to keep you from evil and to tell you Himself if there is anything not of Him. Then listen for His voice or ask Him to guide and direct your thoughts to bring anything that is not of Him to your mind.

I have often prayed and asked Him for His eyes that I may see as He does. He has honored my request and over the past couple of weeks I have been seeing more and more things and how things work, and the demonic spirits behind them.

It is time to get Holy and Righteous before the Lord and stay there folks. It has always been time for that, but many give it lip service and don't take it seriously as the cares of this world dominant their daily lives. HE is to dominant our lives. Dwell on Him. Think on Him. Love Him.

Love Him.

Seek Him.

Walk in Him.

Hatred is not of Him. Division is not of Him. Backbiting is not of Him. Those are demonic spirits that take control of you when you allow them to linger in you. Don't allow yourself to be ruled by your emotions. When you do it gives Satan access to indwell and dominate you with that emotion as the root.

Walk in the Lord's Spirit and forgive, heal, and love.

Forgive, heal, and love your brethren.

Seek Him every hour of every day. Dwell on Him.