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Friday, February 04, 2005

I don't know how anyone could read my material and ever come to the conclusion that I am a racist. In fact anyone who knows me, knows discrimination isn't something I will put up with in 2 seconds. Those on my Yahoo lists know full well I don't agree with it. But yet someone who claims to be a pastor is spreading hatred and lies about me that I'm Adolf Hitler and a racist. I suggest he go back and read my articles instead of just picking and twisting what I say to suit his own evil and hatred mentality.

He's a pawn of the devil's to come against me and I'm tired of it. You can't even reason with someone like that because they hear only what they want to and then twist it the way they want to.

Are all whites Israelites or Jews? No. Are all dark skinned people Israelites or Jews? No. Are all blacks and Jews cursed? No. Can the Lord's sacrifice and blood redeem us from curses? Yes.

The Lord will redeem all those who seek Him. Every person who seeks Him can receive His salvation.

Is there a bad seedline? Yes. Are all those associated with the seedline beyond redemption? No.

The Lord offers His salvation to all those who seek Him without regard to race, color, sex, or religion.

So let's kick that in the butt and stop the lies and hatred. People need to stop their hatreds, Yahweh will put them down Himself if they don't. People want to blame thier faults and everything else on me, they allow themselves to twist and manipulate anything I've said or written for their own purposes, I have nothing to do with those people they are pawns of the devil and the Lord will put them all down. He puts down my enemies. He puts a stop to them Himself. It has nothing to do with me other than HE is watching over me.

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