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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I'm here.

I have been speechless lately.

Yah has been showing me something and so I've been dwelling on it for a while. I am sure I'll be writing something soon on it.

So hang in there folks and I'll be coming out with a new article soon enough.

For those with ears, hear. The dividing line between the wicked and righteous is widening. The side of the wicked is, obviously, dominant. But it is claiming many of those consumed in their iniquities and witchcrafts. Those in our churches and those whom we call brethren.

When a person gets stuck in a false practice the Lord will try to reach them. When they refuse His instruction or chastisement, or warning, they then let that iniquity consume them and He will allow them to be taken over by the controlling spirit behind it.

This is why His judgment will start in the church first. Because many of those in iniquities and witchcrafts are going to be given over to their delusions, idolatries and iniquity. Consumed by them they will get evil and more evil to where they will hate the brethren who don't walk in their same iniquity. The church is going to become completley intolerant of those who don't conform to their teachings, doctrines, iniquities and witchcrafts. And by the church I mean Christianity in general with all the affiliations, denominations, organizations and groups. That is why the Lord has called many into the wilderness, to be away from it. He has called many to be out from among them and away from them. Because those in the wilderness will become the targets of their hatred.

And then it will spread out into the world. The Lord will given them over to their delusions and hatreds and that's why so many in secret societies and Satan freak groups think that Lucifer is the real god. Because they were given over to their delusions with their constant denial of the Most High God. And they were allowed to have successes and the things of this world, but for the exchange of their own souls in the process.

We are experiencing now, more than ever, unless it's just something I'm waking up to, a massive invasion of demonic and alien possession from within. Not a physical invasion but a spiritual and bodily one.

The Lord has strived with man, to bring those who called Him Lord to Him, He will no longer strive for those who are persistent in keeping their delusions. He is giving them over to their iniquities. It is not the time to be backsliding, or jumping on the fence. Or off it for that matter.

Run to Him. Seek Him. Before it is to late and you are given over to your delusions and the demonic and alien possession overtakes you that is invading the world.

Those who are not in the sheep fold are fair game to Lucifer. Because we are either the Lord's or we are not. His bride is found without guile. There is no guile among them (Rev. 7&14). They are not into abominations, given over to witchcrafts and doctrines of devils.

Search your heart and seek the Lord and don't let anything of evil be found. Ask Him to keep you from evil and to tell you Himself if there is anything not of Him. Then listen for His voice or ask Him to guide and direct your thoughts to bring anything that is not of Him to your mind.

I have often prayed and asked Him for His eyes that I may see as He does. He has honored my request and over the past couple of weeks I have been seeing more and more things and how things work, and the demonic spirits behind them.

It is time to get Holy and Righteous before the Lord and stay there folks. It has always been time for that, but many give it lip service and don't take it seriously as the cares of this world dominant their daily lives. HE is to dominant our lives. Dwell on Him. Think on Him. Love Him.

Love Him.

Seek Him.

Walk in Him.

Hatred is not of Him. Division is not of Him. Backbiting is not of Him. Those are demonic spirits that take control of you when you allow them to linger in you. Don't allow yourself to be ruled by your emotions. When you do it gives Satan access to indwell and dominate you with that emotion as the root.

Walk in the Lord's Spirit and forgive, heal, and love.

Forgive, heal, and love your brethren.

Seek Him every hour of every day. Dwell on Him.

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