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Monday, February 14, 2005

The churches would have you think it is our job to protect Israel at all costs. That Zionism is Christian patriotism and protecting the Lord's people.

It is one of the biggest deceptions of the last days churches.

Bible believing Jews reject Zionism. Zionism is a political agenda based on atheism, not a theological society.

What is a real Jew? A Jew is one who is either born of a Jewish mother or adopts Judaism and the laws of Yahweh.

How many today realize that Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah, not one of these matriarchs was born a Jewess but were all converts to Judaism? Or about the 2 tribes Ephraim and Manasseh, sons of Joseph, born of an Egyptian woman who converted to Judasim?

Being Jewish isn't about race, it's about conformity. Conformity to the Most High God and His laws. Even Moses married a Midianite woman who conformed to Judaism. Even King David, the greatest king the Jews ever had was born through a gentile grandmother, Ruth, who converted to Judaism.

The New Testament didn't change or replace the laws of Yahweh. The churches that teach the Old Testament as the "Old Covenant" are replacing Yahweh's laws as outdated despite the fact Yahushuah and His apostles still celebrated the feasts and observed the Jewish laws. Those who accepted His atonement and sacrifice for sins were adopted as Jews and the laws were now written on their hearts as they were led by the Holy Spirit to follow them. They were never negated and done away with as taught by the churches today. And most churches today will base their doctrinology on Paul's books. The self-appointed apostle that Jesus warned His flock of before He left.

Before He left He warned them of false apostles entering the flock, not new ones.

Before He left He admonished them to "beware of the leaven of the Pharisees."

He warned of one who would come in his own name that the people would receive.

The church today and in the past ignored His warnings and developed their theologies around Paul. Did the early apostles? No. They rejected him as an apostle. So the churches after 325 A.D. rejected the original apostles and embraced Paul's gospel.

Those who are pro Paul will try and drum up support for Paul by Peter who in 2 Peter call him 'brother.' The same brother that was brought before the Jerusalem Council barely escaping excommunication had he not promised to change his teachings. Calling someone a brother is a far cry from calling someone an anointed apostle of the Lord's.

Without using Paul's own words, or his own books or the book by his publicist Luke, you can't prove he was appointed as an apostle. His own claim stands or falls on his own words. You either believe him or you don't. He changed his "Damascus" revelation every time he told it. He lies and contradicts himself throughout his own writings and boldly proclaims, "I preach to you another Gospel." Yet many in the churches today like Paul's feel good do nothing theology over Judaism so embrace it.

Those in the churches today will tell you that Paul replaced the other apostles. That the Lord appointed Paul to replace them all. They actually believe this and based on Paul's writings himself. No other source, or confirmation, they believe Paul and reject the Most High.

So not only are the churches faltering on not following the Lord's commands and keeping His feasts and sabbaths, they are funding and protecting atheists who reject Him as the Most High God.

Armed with the truths of Yahweh, when you stand back and look at the churches today it is easy to see why they are such and abomination to Him.

The Bible believing Jews are against the creation of a state until the Lord returns. It was the atheist, Talmud (Jesus hating) Jews who created Israel so they could control it and turn the Jews against their creator and steer them into the same Atheism and Satanism they follow via the Talmud.

Satan wanted to destroy the Jews. By creating a state of Israel and Zionism he has effectively done that to the majority. The Bible Believing Torah was replaced by the Talmud and those who are Bible Believing are persecuted. Their voices never heard in a Zionist controlled Israel and American media.

If you Google the phrase "Jews against Zionism" you will get a better understanding of why the Bible believing Jews hate Zionism and are against the state of Israel.

Will the churches ever pull their heads out of the sand and stop being pawns of the devil to push and promote his own agendas?

Paul was a Talmudic Jew. If he were alive today that would be a Zionist. He was a Mithraic initiate of the Roman government and a Talmud believing Pharisee. He infiltrated the church to destroy it from within and lead the people away from Yahweh and into falsehoods.

Today Yahweh says, "Lead My people back to Me." Are you willing to return to the Most High God or will you continue to be deceived by Satan through the churches today?

The churches stand on the KJV as the inerrant Word of God as they follow Satan into the traps he has set within it. And Yahweh allowed it. Just as the Garden of Eden contained both the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge and Good and Evil where one led to life, and the other ruin, and eventually death, the Bible contains the same. Yahweh has always tested His people. If you were following His commands to seek Him the truth would be revealed to you, but many replace seeking Him with their churches and the KJV.

The Word became flesh through Yahushuah, Jesus. Jesus is Inerrant. The KJV didn't exist back then folks. The Scriptures were the Torah which contain the laws of God and the feasts we are to celebrate. Not these pagan festivals of Christmas trees and easter bunnies. The New Testament did not replace and negate the Old Testament as taught by Antichrist Paul.

Which tree are you eating from? The tree of Life (Yahushuah) or the tree of death (Paul the Antichrist)?

Yahweh says, "Come Back to ME."

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