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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Beasts, beasts, everywhere beasts.

2005 is going to be the year of beasts.

Maitreya, Sananda, Germaine, Benny Hinn, George de'fuhrer the wannabe and Hillary the trying to be.

Philistines, aliens, ufo's with nothing better to do than watch and stalk mankind until they have enough of the gullible public begging for their physical appearances on earth.

Are people that stupid? Yes. How many New Agers have committed treason against God and mankind already by accepting the beast prophets lies and charades. They actually believe what these beast aliens tell them that they are ascended masters from heaven itself. False Christs, false messiahs, false gods, all actors playing their stage on Earth for the last days. And a massive gullible audience already buying their deceit and con games.

Maitreya and Sananda will continue playing their god charades in the middle east until they venture over here to America where a dumbed down church will accept them.

Is George Bush the Antichrist? Is Hillary Clinton?

With so many beasts how do they all fit?

I'm starting to wonder if there won't be a false flag tribulation era first before the real one hits.

I guess it all depends on what cards are played but there's so many beasts fighting for attention right now it's enough to keep the skeptics with their brows raised and those who think they know what's going on wondering what the heck is.

I've been musing over the possible scenarios to take place.

I've written about Sananda and I'll be coming out with some info on Germaine. You can see his beast code at

I haven't heard anything about the peace treaty ceasefire so someone send me some info.

Probably what could be the most important news of this decade and everyone's sleeping on the job. Is this the treaty the Antichrist confirms in September? Will it be this year?

Is this the year for the rapture of the 144,000? Watch for the treaty confirmation. The first fruits rapture is right around that time as well.

A lot of people get confused over the 144,000. Because they don't know who they are and they take it literal instead of the religous symbollogy it uses. If you're confused over the 144,000 and who they really are check out my article at

The rapture of the 144k is the first fruits rapture. Which means there is no mysterious rapture of millions around the earth folks. Why? Because those in the first fruits rapture are found without guile. No witchcrafts. Try telling the church that today who are in love with their witchcrafts and idolatries. I guess you could say only 144,000 will really understand what that is because the rest just don't get it.

And when you think about it, it's almost amazing there's 144,000 who haven't bought into the modern day falseologies of the churches and all their idolatries and delusions. The majority has always been wrong and the minority always castigated by the majority for telling them so.

Nothing much has changed.

Nothing much will.

In 2005 the infiltration and possession of believers is going to become dominant as they embrace false doctrines and delusions. Alien and demonic possession folks. If someone is teaching you things that are not of Yehova then don't listen to them. Are they leading you away from Him or to Him? Is is Yah's way or Paul's way? The dividing line is settling. Paul preaches another gospel that leads people away from what Yahushua and His real apostles taught. Are you going to wait till it's to late because your stubborness, brain washing and ignorance won't allow you to see the truth?

Seek the Lord for truth in all things. Put aside your theologies and head knowledge and seek Yehovah for the truth.

Your churches are lying to you. And it all started with the fear tactic of the KJV being inerrant placed by the RCC. Yahweh is inerrant. Seek Him.

How many people have placed their Bibles as idols before establishing a personal relationship with Yahweh?


144,000 out of the millions who profess His Name.

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