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Friday, February 04, 2005

People need to stop their hatreds and lies against me. Am I a racist? No, I never have been. Do I teach a white man's theology? No, never have.

The Lord's redemption is available to all those who seek Him, without regard to race, color, or sex. To say anything else is ludicrous.

Those who know me, and especially the ones on my Yahoo lists, know full well what I believe, and that the Lord's salvation is available to everyone who seeks Him. Is there a bad seedline? Yes. Are they all unredeemable? No. The Lord has allowed good seed in the bad seedlines as well as bad seed in the good seedlines. Only He ultimately knows who is who and where. After 6000 years of race mixing do you really think there is a pure seedline out there? No, there isn't. That's not what the Bible says. The Bible says in the last days, and especially in these days, all the bloodlines would be contaminated. Are there uncontaminated people such as Noah? Yes, who are they? I have no idea.

Jesus died so that all could receive His redemption who wanted it. He made it available to all those who seek Him. Period.

Those who truly belong to Satan will refuse the Lord's redemption. Do we need to worry about that? No. It's not up to us to decide who can and who can't accept His salvation. It's our job to preach it to the world so that all can hear, and make their own choice as to whether to receive or reject Him. It's not our job to "play God" and decide who can or can't be saved.

I don't know how anyone could read my material and come up with such a twisted and manipulated view of me being discriminatory. It's these people that are being used as pawns of the devil to come up against me and the Lord will put them down Himself. They blame their faults on me, or things that didn't go their way on me, but it's the Lord Himself so they need to grow up and recognize that they are being punished by HIM indirectly through others. That when they come up against me, HE will protect me, because I am His.

I'm not Adolf Hitler...I don't preach anything about a pure race or only one race that can be saved, or that only one particular race is cursed and every person in it. So I don't know how anyone can read my material and come to that conclusion. They see what they want to see, they read what they want to read and twist it for their own purposes to come against me when it's lies and falsehoods they are creating on their own about me.

They are being used as pawns of the devil and they can't even recognize that.

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