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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The archives are now up on my sites for both of my Radio shows with Peggy Kane on Reverse Speech vs. Bible Codes and Reverse Speech vs. Prophet Yahweh, AKA Ramon Watkins.

I'm getting pretty good at Reverse Speech myself. I'm still only catching about 10% that's available..but the 10% I'm catching is mind boggling with some people.

I really don't care if people do RS on me, I have nothing to hide because I know I'm His, I know who I am. For me, it's another tool to use in our weapons box to expose the idiots. And that's what I'm going to do.

I listened to an interview last night and on the normal face of it, it was 2 people talking..on the backend, in the Reverse Speech..they were both gabbing away at each other having a totally separate and different conversation. On the face value, they were preaching and praying and praising the hidden, backside, they were laughing about eating humans and that they were actually "killing" the ones listening to them..they were feeding off the listeners.

Aliens and Satanists feed off energy and what they call "loosh." And when Lambs..Christians..real believers..gather to worship the Lord whether in a church or even in front of a computer to listen to an audio..this energy is created. So these wolves place themselves as ministers, teachers and leaders of Yahweh's people..and while those people are listening to them the wolves in turn feed off that energy.

It's really a sick game they play. For them it's survival. For those who continue to listen to and follow these wolves it leads to spiritual death. They will drain you. They lead you away from the truth with rat poison and lead you into nothingness, complacency, and right to the pit of hell.

These wolves are more than dangerous..I can't even put it into words..

And yet when you try to warn people of them..they tell you "the Lord led me to him or her." Yeah right...not the MOST HIGH!!!

Not when they sap your energy, your faith, your motivation, your strength, your joy, your happiness, and turn you into a drained zombie with no hope, joy, or even Him anymore. Confusion is not of the Lord. The Lord doesn't change His mind or doctrines daily, weekly, monthly, but the wolves will. They are never consistent, they can never hold a stand or take one for very long. They are like waves...they move with the the ocean dictates them to.

Plus they don't even remember. They lie so much they can't remember what they said a day ago, week ago, month ago..yet they can remember what they want to shove down your throat. What suits them to remember..they remember.

It's frightening to hear these people praise Yahweh for lip service and in their subconscious they are praising and calling out to Satan. It is sick.

It has completely freaked me out. But I'll get over it and on to doing what I do best...revealing and exposing their agendas.

Seek the Most High folks, pray for wisdom and discernment and the truth in all things, and ask for it every single day! I do..every day...strengthen yourselves in HIM.

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