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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rick Vizzutti of will be my guest on Aliens In The News today at 2pm EST

Rick's a great guy, and the one who designed the infamous logo of if people aren't sure they know me, if you describe the white house with the alien on top of it, they then know who I am. LOL...

Been musing on a patriot list today about how the CIA runs and controls the board over at APFN.

Or is it the D.O.E. which stands for "Dumb On Everything."

My posts at APFN don't last 5 minutes. For two years now, at all hours of the day or night if I post on that board it disappears within 3 minutes.

The only people who find me that constantly offensive are the CIA and Aliens.

Who would work for the CIA? Have you seen their agents? They obviously dont' work for money. They get paid by either drugs or doritoes. They either look like drug addicts or candidates for Weight Watchers.

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