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Friday, May 20, 2005

The Catholic Church and the New Wave Charismatics will be the key leaders of the One World Religion. The numerous paranormal miracles they are already claiming will grow beyond description and will deceive the multitudes. Almost every one of the leading charismatic pastors today are masons or knights who have sworn their loyalty to Lucifer. Read more here

I call them Beast Prophets. Because that's exactly what they are. Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rick Joyner, Paul Cain, Bob Jones, anyone who is anyone with a leading charismatic groups or have a big ministry and/or on TBN is one of them... Don't be deceived by them. The Charismatic crowd in the past 20 years has contained some of the biggest leaders of deception in the churches today. They are loyal to Lucifer, they have sworn their loyalty to him, and they are leading many Christians into the pit of hell with their witchcrafts and doctrines of demons.

Yahweh doesn't speak to us in a strange tongue, and neither do we need to speak to Him in one. He has said that to me Himself.

The Beast Prophets use it to disguise their onstage semantics of calling on Lucifer, they pronounce his name as 'Ha Say Tonn' masked in tongue speaking to come to their meetings. They pass on the gift of "tongue speaking" to others who then pray curses to the Most High thinking they have some kind of special prayer language to Him. And those who follow these charades are always led into false doctrines and beliefs, and speak prophecies and visions that are not from the Most High but are deceptions from the angel of light himself.

Tape their meetings, then play it in slow speed.

These guys are magicians, they know how to hypnotize an audience, just as the Antichrist will.

Ever notice why they laugh so much on stage? It isn't because of "Holy Ghost laughter" or the presence of the Holy Spirit, it's because they can't believe the stuff they do so boldly and get away with while the sheeple in the audiences sit oblivious to it all.

And they always have a special annointing for church pastors and leaders, they call them up front and lay hands on them and pray over them so they "receive" the demon they are putting over them.

It's quite disgusting. Literally.

Some will never get it.

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