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Monday, May 16, 2005

I have a lot of enemies, and people who agree to disagree, but this takes the cake, an excerpt from a Zion's Cry newsletter, "This page link refers to Sherry Shriner. I wrote and warned David Eells she is a satanic witch. I pray he removes her occult name and calculations off this page today. If he does not it will destroy his name and website in my mind, and I will neveragain refer to it. - Attack in 2005 prophecy on Posted at

I don't know who he thinks he is, and frankly this is the first time I've heard of his ministry, but to call a Prophet of Yahweh's, and one of the highest ranking on earth, "a Satanic Witch" just floored me. I can tell him this, those who come up against me, Yahweh takes down Himself. This man's ministry is over. I have seen it happen to every one of my enemies for the past several years, you can't come up against a servant of the Lord's and think He's going to ignore it, because with such a untruthful, brutal attack as that one, it hasn't gone unnoticed. Usually I just ignore attacks against me, but this one hit me. I mean come on, what is my crime? To reach out to 132 nations daily with 19 websites, a blogger and two radio shows pleading with people and teaching them and encouraging them to get back to Yahweh, to the Lord Himself and stop listening to man? Is that my crime? To teach Yahweh's redemption, His truth and His righteousness? Is that a crime? Is it a crime to commit myself 100% to the service of the Most High God to wake up His people to what's going on and coming ahead and to lead His people back to Him in these last days?

I do as the Most High leads me. I say what He wants me to say, I write what He wants me to write, I do as HE leads me. I have never asked people to follow me, but to follow the Most High God, to find out what their calling is in Him so they can accomplish His will in their lives. This attack against me is appalling and brutal.

I love the Most High, I serve the Most High, and I will die for the Most High.

This just sickens me, and yet again, the most brutal attacks coming not from our own government, but "brethren." I live under constant surveillance and scrutiny from every intel agency out there and none of them have ever uttered such filth against me. They have tried to kill me because they know who I am in Yahweh, but never have they uttered such a brutal attack as saying I'm a "satanic witch" as this person has.

I'll tell you what, those who have come up against me have either apologized or sunk in the mire. Every one of them over the past 5 years has lost their finances or health for rising up against me, Yahweh's way of getting their attention and He will handle this one. He always does.

It always comes out in the wash later. Always. I put it in His hands.

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