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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lunatic Fringe..we know you're out there...


That's about what they are too. They actually lie so much they believe their own lies. That's what's going to make them such good decievers when they come here to earth. Because they believe their own dribble.

You gotta wonder why Maitreya comes first with his 'wise teachers' we know as unwise frauds. People already know what to expect. Even the boards who call me the Antichrist know who Maitreya is and what he's going to do. I still think the secret in the back pocket, the one who's going to deceive people the most is Sananda. Why? Because Sananda is the one who has been playing Jesus in Near Death Experiences all these years...according to the horses themselves, and it's his picture that Michelangelo painted and the church accepted as the official look alike/resemblence of "Jesus Christ the Son of God." They really think Jesus looks like the picture hanging in their churches, Christian bookstores, homes, and everywhere else. When people see Sananda they are going to think he's literally Jesus the Son of God.

He's a fraud. A lie. The real Jesus doesn't look the pictures the churches have portrayed him as all these years. That is Sananda. So many people are going to be deceived by the visual aspect of Sananda when he comes.

Church pastors and leaders of true churches of Yahweh should be taking any pictures of Sananda they have down and getting rid of them out of their churches and publications. They should start preparing their congregations for the one who is coming claiming he's Jesus and looks just like the one they've been conditioned to believe is Him.

It would help matters if people would start calling Him by His real name which is Yahushua. Then there wouldn't be as much confusion when the fraud "Jesus" comes.

I really think the 7 year tribulation period will begin this September of 2005.

The first three and a half years is not a time of peace folks. That's churchdumb theology and misinterpretation. It will be a time of bloodshed and war against Yah's people. Arm yourselves, be prepared.

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