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Friday, May 13, 2005

Sometimes I'm so good I amaze there any doubt Yahweh has stood me up in these last days to be His messenger...I certainly don't doubt it. I know who I am in Him. Soon enough most of you will too.

During last Saturday night's show I was talking to a caller and I said the last days chipping would be a "seal of God" fest have to have his seal to enter into his kingdom..not only the earthly facade he will attempt to create here, but the knock-off imitation New Jerusalem Satan brings down and hovers over the earth. He'll bribe the people..if you want a tour of it you have to have his seal on your forehead or in your right hand.

I was working on a code today on Apollyon and I saw the exact thing I had described in that code. It will be a "divine chipping." Yahweh has showed me many things, time is getting short folks. One of these days they will pull the plug on my radio broadcastings, they're not going to last forever, as neither will I. Listen and learn while you can.

I am Yahweh's, those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter.

North Korea is the key to the illuminati's plan of bringing in the Antichrist scumbag.

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