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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Lord has me working on several things for this week and already it's been quiet a personal revelation on even more atrocities of things to come.

In the news..

Makes you wonder what's really going on in Uzbekistan. Remember Yugoslavia? They lied.

Is Uzbekistan another Yugoslavia? Probably.

At the time we were destroying and murdering Christians in Yugoslavia I wasn't really paying attention other than hearing what the media relayed about it. Years later I've been running into information on what really happened over there and it makes my hair stand up on end.

Everything our government told us was a lie. In fact, that's just the usual anymore isn't it? They lie about everything.

They went into Yugoslavia and destroyed that country because Rome couldn't convert the Christians to Catholicism. Another Vietnam. So as before in Vietnam, America lied to the people about the real reasons for the war and went in there and killed and supported the killing of thousands, perhaps millions of Serbians, who were Christians, because they wouldn't convert to Catholicism.

As I sat and read about all the atrocities that happened over there last night Yahweh said to me, "it's coming." In other words, what happened over there is coming to America.

The Croats are Catholic. You just can't get into anything in the world today and not see the wickedness and evil of Islam or Catholicism everywhere. They are hand in hand. Islam is Satanism. It preaches false religion and practices Satanism. And Catholicism is the same way. The abuses and atrocities they commit in the name of their god is pure Satanic Ritual Abuse. There is no difference. They are the most vile and violent cults I've ever seen displayed openly and our government supports and defends them in Yugoslavia, and then bombs them in the Middle East. Does the madness stop?

Of course not.

They used them in Yugoslavia to murder Christians. WE as a nation, sent our troops over there to kill Christians. Are you mad yet?

The government lies to the military all the time. Look how many are fighting in Iraq because they believed the governments lies about how Saddam was treating his people, we were "liberating" them.

And if that didn't appeal as a good reason they could pull card B which was claim Iraq had WMD's which was also a lie. As we used WMD's against them.

They just want war, anywhere, so they can dump DU anywhere possible. That stuff is so toxic it will be killing off entire populations within 10 years, AIDS didn't do the trick fast enough, so now they have DU.

Another thing that amazes me is how many so called Christians have converted to Islam. They fulfilled prophecy themselves and they dont' even realize it. The biggest sign of the end of the age was and is the rejection of the cross. Not from those who never believed, but from those who at one time did.

Some always think the grass is greaner on the other side. How's the temperature in the sand?

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