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Sunday, May 29, 2005

As I announced during the show Saturday night, Sherry Shriner Live is moving to Monday nights starting June 6th at 9pm EST.

I just posted an article, Hey Stupid, The New World Order IS About Religion

It drives me crazy to be attacked by Patriots who yell to keep religion out of their discussions of the New World Order. How ignorant can anyone be when it's clearly an order about religion itself and the worship of Lucifer.

You can talk about buildings exploding and martial law coming until the cows come home but unless you understand what the order is about, or preparing the people for what's coming, what good is all the work you are doing?

Yeah ok, so many have effectively proven the government is behind every terrorist act committed and war being implemented. So what about it? Why are they doing it? To implement a New World Order right? So what is the New World Order? How can you even begin to explain what the New World Order is if you refuse to acknowledge what it is.

People will talk about what the Order will do and is doing as it seeks to expand into a worldwide empire, but won't talk about who they are? Hello?

Terrorism, Sex, drugs, perversions of every kind are a big part of what and who they are, but what's the end result of it all? Getting more power through evil and wickedness for fortune and power. They want to rule the world with Lucifer. So they think. Lucifer won't need them when he arrives. They will be on the trains heading to camps themselves.

It was Clinton who came out with the slogan, "It's about the economy, stupid" geared towards the real issues of his political campaign. Well guess what? The New World Order IS about religion and that's the real issue that drives it!

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