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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Tis the season for betrayals.

What really brings on World War 3 is the anger of betrayals.."you were supposed to nuke Phoenix not us in the White House." I can hear it now...

Another scare tactic on the lizards in DC yesterday causing the evacuation of the white house and capital... Allegedly Bush was mountain biking...interesting...he's already recorded the most leisure and vacation hours of any president in our history so there's no worries about him being hard at work anywhere. We're probably better off he never is.

He just shows up on cue, and delivers scripted data when he's told to. He's a good yes man, a lousy lizard president.

The Bible says in the last days the nations will converge on Israel to destroy it. Now you can see why, the lizards in charge over there are betraying everyone and ticking everyone off. There has to be some restructuring over there so the Illuminati can get what they want, a rebuilt temple. They may have to destroy the city so they can rebuild it to their liking.

The Vatican owns the temple land rights, secured back in the early 90s. Big shock eh?

Stop the planet...I want to get off...

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