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Monday, May 30, 2005

So many people who abandon that small voice in their spirit for that louder voice in their head. They know the Lord's voice but they get overconfident from hearing Him and knowing Him and then stop testing the spirits and they start listening to that louder voice in their head that is Satan's deception instead. Yehova has told me of those who do this, and have done this, and that's why they are confusing, and why these people stray away from what is of Him and accept things that aren't. And they speak things that aren't from Him and say they are.

Then these same people are too proud to admit they were played and deceived by Satan. Why? Because they have a following? Usually. Pride becomes an issue. They will apologize to me privately and then hope in time things just blow over and are forgotten.

Where are my enemies? Silenced by Yehovah Himself.

I have seen new tactics arise. A new COINTELPRO approach to those who threaten the status quo. Most of the lists on Yahoo are run by the government. They have their stooges on all of them. They send in their own people or people they have controlled to discredit information. It's really getting to be just a tiring game. The keyword now is Science. Demand proof of all kinds and any kind. Physical documents, evidence, blah blah...they do it just to drain informers. Ignore them...don't waste your time on's just a time waster tactic and one to try and discredit all information. You either believe UFOs exist or you don't. I'm not going to put one in your lap. And it goes on, it's endless. Ignore them and reach who you can.

I've seen Patriots and Christians fall, they get pawned by the government and put under their control from ELF. And they can't recognize it. ELF is hitting and controlling a lot of people and they can't recognize it because they don't understand how it works. It is Mind control. The internet is turning into one big Mind Control feast.

You can break ELF control. You can break ELF programming. But you have to recognize it for what it is and WANT to break it. Many people just don't want to. The government has figured out what their weak areas are and they pound them on them. Most people will assume it's demonic attack when it's ELF attack. They rebuke the attacks and they don't go away and then wonder why rebuking demons doesn't work for them like it does others. Here's a suggestion, next time ask the Most High to break the government's equipment that is targeted against you.

I'm sick of their tactics. Sick of their games. I learned the hard way how they work, how they operate, and now for years it's been a constant battle against government tyranny. Four years ago I was a victim, but I went from being a victim to an overcomer over the past 2-3 years. Anyone can. You can't know you're winning if you've never lost.

You can't win a battle if you don't realize when you're in one. You can't beat them at their own games if you don't know what they are.

When you start seeking the Lord for answers He will reveal the truth to you. It's not always what you expect to hear. In fact, that's usually the case. If you think you are too insignificant to be a government target think again.

They hate everyone who loves the Lord. They hate everyone who loves this country. Because they hate both. And their hatreds run very deep and very demonic and they will try and suppress and destroy every person who doesn't see things their way.

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