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Saturday, May 07, 2005

The gloves are coming off...

I have been exposing the alien agenda for years...different aspects of who they are and what the Bible says about them and what they are going to do in these last days.

Yahweh has been showing me in more detail thier plans. A lot of times it is hard to put into words until it sinks in and the revelation sticks. Of course none of it is new, it's just different when the Lord hits you with something, that itself makes you stand up and take notice and give more attention to something.

He has been showing me how it all works. He told me He would, and now He is. I'm not buying radio time to hear myself talk, or putting up websites full of info to amuse myself...everything I say or show are pieces of the puzzle. Things Yah has told me or led me into. I'm not real big on reinventing the wheel, if someone else has info on something I have been shown I just put their information on my sites. But now I'm hearing from people they don't trust anything written by anyone else and only read what I put I'm writing, more, reinventing the wheels with my personal perspective and insights that the Lord has shown me.

Yes alot of the info is already out there and sometimes others just say it better than me folks, so I'll point you to that info...I can't do it all, I can't cover it all, but I am writing and coming out with some articles here soon enough.

It's been a war. The gates of hell come at me every time I expose a tactic of theirs, so that's often.

Last week, this week, it's been all out assaults at me, they lost, they always lose, losers. You can't beat a dedicated child of Yahweh's! Of course I'm a threat to them. I don't fear them, I don't lose to them, they can't control me.

I came to earth to kick their butts, and that's what I'm going to do.

The war is on.

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