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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Well hello folks..

Yah has been showing me alot lately how the Nephilim work as the controllers behind the scenes. The Illuminati are Nephilim. Their kids...are the human aspect that run it on earth. This includes the 13 families uncontaminated from pure human DNA. In other words, they are pure hybrids. They are kept 'from' having pure human DNA. The biggest group is the Bilderberger group of the Illuminati. There are many others as well.

Seems a lot of people are jumping into the "Giants are Returning" warnings, and that's good. We need people out there waking up to the fact that the Aliens are coming..the Anuk..The Annunaki are the Nephilim. They are one and the same.

Be careful on alot of the junk out there as well. There are many who are simply psychic and then claim they are prophets of Yahweh and build ministries around their carnality and reject Yah's voice for channeling spirits that aren't Him or of Him.

Even so, many are under ELF oppression and guided by ELF and not Yahweh. That's why there are so many contradictions, changes of beliefs, insanity in prophecies, visions, their ideals changing daily with the wind. They are unstable because they aren't being led by Yah but by spirits of another.

Yah has told me that many of those who claim they are of Him and hear from Him, don't hear from Him at all but reject His small voice for the louder one in their heads. There are times when He can get through to them and reach them, and speak to them, but then they turn around and head back to the garbage pile of louder voices and things not of Him. Once you learn to hear Yah's voice, you must reject all others and recognize when you are being played and deceived.

It is rampant on message and forum boards. You can't visit any of them and not see those under mind control, ELF control, and channeling aliens and demons in the name of Yahweh. They claim Yah's name and even Praise Him, and then channel garbage saying it's from Him. It makes me sick.

Those who are Yahweh's do as He says. The Spirit of truth leads them. And that is why 90% of the others will reject those who are really Yah's, because they don't know Yah, all they know is their own carnality and seek to be with others like minded.

It really makes me sick to see those who call themselves Yah attack those who are His and lift up those who aren't. You would find more discernment in a wet paper bag than in most ministries today.

And that's the facts, Jack.

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