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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A really lame attempt by some critics lately who will look for anything they can find to come up against me with...

First it was the "Serpent Seed doctrine" and those who don't believe a serpent seedline exists..fine..that's their problem..I can agree to disagree even though they can't..

And then there's now what appears to be where I'm supposedly teaching a "white Israel" doctrine..which I don't..never have..but nice attempt to twist and lie what I do say or teach.

When I was asked where the 12 tribes of Israel migrated to I simply stated the nations they have migrated too..and if you look at those nations they are Germany, France, Britain, America and many other white dominate nations. So that's where they get a "white Israel" only doctrine. It's a bit of a stretch..all they had to do was ask for clarification but they didn't and don't and won't because they will grasp at simply anything to use to lie about against me.

All of the nations have whites, blacks, yellow, red, brown, people of all colors. Those who worship the Lord and follow Him and seek Him are matter what color or nationality. It doesn't matter if they are from a nation Israel migrated to or on an island in the Pacific. His Spirit will draw men and women unto Him.

Who are we to play God and decide who can and can't receive His salvation? If His Spirit calls them then so be it. Yahushuah died so all could come unto Him.

Those who know me know perfectly well where I stand in doctrine and teachings. Those who hate me look for something to attack me on. Lame attempts really...that's all they are.

I get tired of the games, a friend one minute an enemy the next, that's just how some of them are..I write them all off..and put them in God's hands..Yahweh will take care of my enemies..always has..and so I put them on've been placed in His hands.

That's usually where most people want to be that call themselves His. But for those who come up against His Servants and mock Him claiming they are His, that's where they dread to be, or will.

Health problems, financial problems, what's it going to take to wake these people up to stop mocking and coming up against Yahweh's servants? Where are my enemies from last year? And the year before that? And before that?

Don't mess with His best. He takes care of us.

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