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Monday, December 15, 2003

A few thoughts on spooks, aka intelligence agents. For the most part most of us have been "Hollywoodized." When we think of agents, or government agents we think of educated people in corporate attire working as agents and parking outside your house or following behind you. But I can tell you one thing, the guys with the ties, if there are any, stay behind the desk. Hollywood portrays a facade.

The agents I've seen or were picked out because the Lord pointed them out to me, look like they were recruited out of an inner city ghetto bar. Some are even elderly, very elderly.
I guess I was naive. And that's what has probably kept the boss so busy looking after me so much.

He told me, "They're evil, plain evil, there's no good in them. They have time to repent and turn to Me, but they are evil." I guess at the time I was just really naive about who they are and the things they do. I was voted the "Best All Around" by my senior class, I get along with people, I"m easy to talk to, when I don't get reserved (I have my times) I can be very comfortable to be around, I like alot of laughs, as an adult that never changed. In short, I wasn't prepared for the level of evil these people are. I've never been around it to this horrible extent.

It's not particularly what they do, but who or what they are at this point. You can feel them 10 feet from you without even looking at them, the sense of evil is so strong. If you're a discerning believer in Yah then you know what I'm talking about. You can feel them. They feel like evil is protruding out of every pore in their skin. It's the most repulsive thing you can ever imagine. They're sold out to evil. And if they're not when they're hired in, they become that way by staying in. They become as Satan himself.

I pray for the salvation of each one of them.

What did I do to gain so much of their attention? I talk about the 'forbidden' subjects and expose them for what they are. I'm a Watchman of the Lord's, it's part of what He's called me to do. I inform people about Planet X, UFOs, Aliens, the NWO, their plans, who and what they are, black operations, psyops, shadow gov't, people or events I find in the Bible Codes and what could happen, is going to happen, or who people are. For most of these areas, they have their own people at the top to control the info that comes out, they play both sides so either way their people are controlling the info. They can't control me. So I'm a threat to them.

It's not easy. Jesus never said following Him would be. In fact all He said was it would be worth it. I deal with DEW's (Directed Energy Weapons) every day. Remote viewers, astral projectors, surveillance, censorship, demons straight from hell, telepathic threats, you name it.

Most "Christians" can't even handle me. They don't want to get near me because they're afraid of becoming targets themselves. Must be nice to sit cozy on the back lines somewhere.

Well I'll never be in the back. I'm a warrior for the Lord and I always will be until He takes me from this battlefield. To live or die, I'm the Lord's. My life is in His hands and that's the best place for it to be and the only place I could imagine it being.

I don't fear man. I fear the Lord more than man. The only words I want to hear, the only words that mean anything to me at all are to be able to hear one day "Well done my good and faithful Servant."

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