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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Covert War. If you have no idea what covert war is you might want to spend some reading time at you might be amazed to find out why you're life seems to be crazier than anyone elses.

ah the memories..

yesterday I went shopping and afterward decided to stop at McDonalds before the long drive home. There was an older couple in line, in front of me. Other than that the restaurant was fairly empty, unusual for being right across the street from Walmart where there were a million shoppers. Anyway I patiently waited my turn to order. Another one of those days where "I should have just went through the drive-thru."

Mind you, I try to always have patience, and through the past year I've learned alot about why it's so important. As I stood there, the older couple, probably in their 60s, looking amusingly familiar as those who hang with the spooks in my home town, seemed to have obvious difficulty in placing their order.

They decided on chicken mcnuggets and fries. They asked for the sauces, but hearing wasn't good enough, they wanted to see them. So the cashier had to go get one of each so they could see them. In the meantime, they struck up a conversation with the cashier that included everything from the future, present and past. My how talkative we can be.

I waited patiently, wondering what these cashiers get paid for, to serve or gab.

When their food was finally ready..the fries weren't good enough. Mind you, there were no other available cashiers at the time. So the fries had to be 'recooked.'

I stood, I waited, I smiled. Far ahead of their game. Finally, after 10-15 minutes of this charade it was my turn. As I left the restaurant I passed another spook walking into it. This must have been the one I lost on the way to the store. That's a funny story in itself. I'm sure they had all kinds of plans for me at the store, but they simply couldn't figure out where I was going in time and got lost trying to figure out where I was. The piercing look of hatred by the spook who walked into the restaurant said it all. I had to laugh.

When I got home I parked in the garage. Funny thing when I went out later to get the gifts I had bought so I could wrap them while the kids were asleep..the garage door wouldn't open.

I wonder how much they get paid for this stuff? Does it come with benefits? What's the job requirement? Does one have to have a sense of humor and good joke ability to be hired or do you just have to be intent on trying to drive someone else crazY?

I take it in stride. You learn to.

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