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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Well here we go..I knew it would come out sooner or later the real news behind the news of Saturday's fake capture of Saddam Insane.

And now we have the reason. While the sheeple across America were being fed simulated made for tv news, President Bush signed into legislation the Draconian Patriot 2 Act that abolishes the Bill of Rights of our Constitution.

This means Christians, Patriots, or Anyone can be kidnapped out of their homes at gunpoint in the middle of the night with no arrest warrant and be hauled off to jail, prison, or Guatanomo, Cuba for that matter.

You will not be allowed a phone call to a lawyer or your family. And your family will not be told where you are or when you will be released, IF YOU EVER GET RELEASED.


To read all the details see my article at

Anyone can be labled a terrorist. Even an American citizen can be stripped of their citizenship and thrown out of the country. We knew it was coming. Christians will understand this as the way being paved for the coming War on the Saints. What most don't understand though is that we don't have to be in the tribulation period for persecutions to begin.

Welcome to the New World Order. It's not coming, it's here.

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