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Friday, January 20, 2006

The White House has flatly rejected a truce offer made on a audiotape that CIA reptilians verified as an authentic recording of Osama ben Forgotten... "We do not negotiate with terrorists. We put them out of business," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said.

If we put terrorists out of business, why is Bush bin Halliburton still in office?

I saw that on a list and changed the wording a bit. Amusing.

Yesterday I posted the events as the way the Russian-Illuminati card is being played.

Today I'll talk a little about the American-Illuminati card.

Which, by the way, I don't think is going to go anywhere. Perhaps. But, better to be informed than taken by surprise on anything. I keep my eyes on both. Tomorrow I'll talk about the New Age-Alien card.

The Illuminati (Aliens) run and control the majority of governments and nations on earth. They pit one against the other to keep their ultimate goal moving forward.

Yes, they control the New Age as well.

For playing factor on the chess board of earth, for appearance sake it is to appear that they are all different factions and enemies. The humans may feel that way that are the pawns of the Reptilian and Anuks in charge, but the entities they are possessed with are all on the same page behind the scenes and just play the game moving the humans and game forward.

What is the ultimate goal? The earth under one global government and its depopulation so it can be controlled by the outnumbered aliens.

So what's the game plan of the American-Illuminati?

To take control of the Middle East and turn it into a fireball so their "messiah" can descend to earth as "God."

This involves the US and/or Israel going to war with Syria and Iran, North Korea at war with South Korea, and China invading Taiwan.

When the Korean peninsula is in the middle of a total nuclear annihilation their messiah will descend to earth via a spectacular Hollywood and military holographic production entitled the Blue Beam Project.

They then move on to implement their New World Order upon the entire world with the Illuminati's chief alien, the Antichrist and his sidekick the Bible calls the False Prophet in charge.

This scenario of WW3 the American Reptilians have in mind includes their self-terrorization of
America to bring it into their program. They will create their own terrorist events on American soil to excuse their wars in the Middle East and implement the destruction of America at the same time which will lead the American sheeple into martial law to get rid of those who don't accept their New World Order.

Need a reason to bomb Iran? Have "Iran" bomb a few American cities..or it can be changed to Syria, or whatever country they are going after.

It worked with Afghanistan and Iraq, they got to invade 2 countries by taking down 2 of their own towers in New York and blaming it on them.

If you remember 2 years ago I exposed their plans to bomb Miami and blame it on the Syrians, they were fully intending on turning Damascus into a parking lot. And at the same time, they had moved bombers and many Air Force fighters to the Middle East. Something was going on. When I exposed their plans they cancelled the bombing of Miami.

I don't normally keep track of all their shenanigans and how many times they've had to change their plans after being exposed, but that one was hugely obvious.

They need a second 911 to invade Iran or Syria.

Who's the target now? It appears to be Houston.

I've been putting up with their charades of using remote access to get into my computer for years and deleting pictures or invading my server and messing with website links so people can't access particular web pages I put up. But their shenanigan of deleting all of my code graphics on Houston takes the cake and tells me they don't want them seen by the general public..why? What are they trying to hide?

I have 20 websites. And the only ones they continually target to harass and sabotage are and

Right now it's a war between the American-Illuminati and the Russian-Illuminati, the shadow governments of both countries. I spent yesterday detailing the Russian-Illuminati. The New Age-Illuminati is lurking in the background warring against the American-Illuminati but I will detail that more tomorrow.

Now when an event happens you can analyze and figure out which faction did what and who's game is being played.

But realize all these factions call for the destruction of America. If our own government and black military doesn't destroy us with plagues and bombs, the Russian-Chinese alliance will. And the New Age Alien-Illuminati has their own plans of our destruction as well.

So what are we to do? What the Most High tells us to. If He's telling you to head to the mountains, head to the mountains. If He's telling you to stock up and dig in where you're at, do it. Recognize how He works and leads His people and if you can't ask Him to teach you how to.

Don't depend on your churches or government to protect you or give you the truth. The churches have been in error so long they don't know what the truth is they just keep pumping the same errors year after year. And the government only has your eventual death in mind.

Don't go as sheep to the slaughter. Defend yourself and your families.

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