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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

George has been on quite the horse race lately trying to defend his spying on Americans. He actually makes it sound that they were only targeting foreign people and so had a right to defend America, blah blah. Please, unless you haven't been on the end of their spying harrassment then you have no idea how ludicrous he sounds.

Foreign immigrants? Horse dung. Our government's been spying on American housewives and soccer mom's for years who are a 'threat to national security.' Granny's too.

He leads people to assume that when he speaks of terrorists he means foreigners. But in his own legislation they never define terrorists other than those who don't agree with the plans of the New World Order. Therefore every Patriot and Christian in America is a terrorist and most have been spied on for years. You can hear the clicks and static on your telephones from their spyware. Not to mention your emails getting re-routed through gov agencies before you actually receive them. Or their constant psyop operations to have people on the internet befriend you and then turn around and tear you up one page and down another. Just typical dung or psyops? I've experienced both.

After a while you know who they are and you play along and then just wait for the ball to drop, no loss.

You develop a real thick skin to deal with people on the internet. Because it's not always just people. You get military and government agents, aliens, and everything else contacting you namely people being controlled by ELF to be hateful toward you or play their games against you for them. Yes the aliens have computers and internet access. Who do you think we got it from? They have backdoor access that would make MSN envious.

People don't always know why they do what they do. They just feel led to do it and so they do it, they think it's God when they're being controlled and influenced by the intel and demonic realms and agencies through ELF to attack you.

But nothing can compare to Yah's real people. You can always tell who they are. They're real, they have His Spirit and are led by His Spirit and it's these people who make everything else worthwhile to have to go through.

I love Yah's people. What a breath of fresh air.

So many people today are being deceived by the New Age garbage and calling themselves star seeds and Indigos and they don't even know what they're talking about. Typical humans who want to feel different or are convinced by the liars that they are and so they are adopting alien and New Age rhetoric for themselves, thus making themselves open doorways for possession.

The time is coming when the line will be drawn and you are either being led by His Spirit or you're going to be completely possessed by evil ones. It's getting more and more dominant and Yah has warned us. Ever since I wrote the article The Silent Invasion I'm seeing it everywhere around me.

It's getting worse, just as He said it would.

Many people are going to have to decide whether they want to be in His army or not. They don't have to choose Satan, he gets them on default for rejecting the Most High. They don't have to believe he exists, they can completely reject him and his existence and yet he still wins those. Ignorance and blindness to the truth have always been his biggest weapons in obtaining peoples souls.

If you love the Lord and you're not taking a stand for Him or you're compromising with sin and wickedness then you are in the realm for complete Satanic possession. If you are not within the Shepherd's fold then you are wondering outside of it and you can get bitten and eaten by the wolf.

Watch yourselves. Get back to Yah before it's too late.

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