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Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Word From the Lord, the Most High:

This year is a year for war.

War will not stop, it will increase as the factions of Satan battle for supremacy on the land.

Do not fear, those who are mine I will protect.

This is a year of judgment and preparation.

I will lead My people to prepare for the things that are coming ahead. Many more will begin to hear My voice and to hearken unto Me. Lead them to Me child. You shake the gates of Hell and rattle Satan's entire Kingdom. I know you laugh, your innocence and fighting spirit is of Me and I use you for My good pleasure. You have not faltered and I love you child.

Many will come to Me this year and say "Am I not deceived?" and I will lead them into the truth. You have awoken many to the errors and apostasies in the churches and how I am not in them. You will lead the way into freeing My people from the deceptions that bind them.

Many will come to Me and ask "I know her, is she of you?" And I will proclaim "Yes, she is mine." I love you child.

I know you are tired but I will strengthen you and you will continue your work for Me. I will protect you and you will be a voice to My people.

I love you child. Many are the wicked who are in complete derision. I have put them in derision and I know you see it and you laugh, I love your spirit child, you are of Me and we are One.
Walk in My ways and teach them to the people. Lead them to Me so they may know that I am the Lord their God and to follow no other.

I love you child.

This year you will prepare a haven for My people. Know that I am the Lord your God and I am with you always.

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