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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Lord is not seeking to protect all those who call Him by His Name in the last days.

In fact many will not be led or drawn by His Spirit to head to safe havens. Why? Because He is going to test millions of them as martyrs. He's going to allow them to die to test them, to test their faith and loyalty in Him. So while they are mocking and scoffing at those headed to the hills, they'll be headed to death. Doesn't sound like a mystery rapture saving millions of Christians from the persecutions to come does it?

They call Him by His Name yet they don't know Him. They don't do the things He commands. They don't know Him so they can't recognize His true and loyal shepherds. Like sheep they are led into apostasies, errors, and deceptions. And like sheep they will be led to the slaughter.

So the majority of those who call themselves Christians, will always be at odds with His true minority. Those who are His can recognize Him and His Spirit guiding them. They aren't led by feelings they get from false discernment based on their own head wisdom and knowledge. They learned to become truth seekers and to be lovers of the truth and how to hear Him and be led by Him.

Naturally those who diligently seek the Lord and the truth in all things will be mocked and scorned by the rest of those who call Him by His Name because they aren't led by Him but a spirit of another.

And what the Lord calls some people to do He may not lead others to do for whatever reason. We are in His hands and He leads those who are His as He wills. We serve the King!

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