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Friday, December 09, 2005

The whole face of Christianity begins to get clearer when you understand who and what Sananda is.

It's always been obvious that two different Gospels and two different Jesus's were being worshipped by the churches. The problem is is that the majority view is that it is Protestant vs. Charismatic.

The truth is there's a hard divide between what Jesus/Yahushua and His apostles taught and what the Sananda-Jesus/Pauline Christians taught.

Most simply go along with what they're told to believe by the churches today because their faith is on the foundation of the KJV and not the "Word" Himself. God's Word became flesh, it isn't a book decided by a pagan emperor on what would be put in and what would be left out. When Yahushua referred to His "Word" He was referring to exactly that, His Gospel Message and Himself, not a book, the KJV didn't exist back then. Yes His annointed Word is in the KJV, but the KJV itself has been manipulated by the RCC to keep churches in error and into Paulianity. And the way they keep people people into their mind control trap is to threaten hellfire to all who would dare question the authority of the KJV that they manipulated.

The early true believers were killed off to make way for the Pauline Christians and the RCC that would be established by them. It was Paul's followers who were called Christians. The 12 apostles and those who followed them never adopted that name, in fact they just referred to themselves as "People of the Way" (people who followed Yahweh) or Judahites. Paul's "flock" was separate from their own. And it was the Apostles group that was viciously persecuted and killed off so that Paul's group could become dominate.

Today's protestantism is just an arm of the RCC. It was never separated or divided like most believe in the Reformation. Martin Luther was a Jesuit working for the RCC. The whole division of Catholicism and Protestantism was planned and implemented by the Jesuits because of the division among Christians. So they presented 2 wrongs and allowed the people to decide which wrong they would choose to follow.

Protestantism is Paulianity, not the true worship of the Son of God that the apostles taught. Paulianity is a mixture of Mithra worship, idolatry, and just plain nonsense and heresy. And those believers and true followers of Yahushua who were around to fight against it in the early days were killed off so it could thrive into what we have today.

It is Sananda and Mithra being worshipped in the Pauline churches of today. And that is why the Most High will allow the church to go into judgment and persecution for their idolatry.

Their worship of other "Gods."

They believe they are following the Son of God when they are following Sananda and Mithra. If you look at 99% of the errors in the churches today ( if not all of them) they are based on Pauline doctrines.

Here's an informative website on the whole trouble with Paul


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