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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well so much for my last show with RRN. I totally missed it folks and I apologize..I was out of town yesterday and ended up getting sick, in the midst of puking my guts out I forgot about even having a show to do.

I'm no longer going to be affiliated with Reality Radio Network. They had informed me in December that as of January 1, 2006 they would no longer allow listener call-in type shows. So basically I would just be talking myself or have a guest on.

At that rate I could produce my own shows and put them up on my websites. So that's what I"m going to do.

It will probably take more bandwidth for me to do because listeners will be using my bandwidth rather than RRN's, but I think that's the best route to go and one I feel led to do.

So on Monday's I will be posting my own taped shows and you will be able to download them off my own website(s).


I will be buying land for the Lord's people to escape to as needed when the time comes.

The Lord gave me a message in regards to it,

Yes, raise the money. I am going to use it for My people. You will lead them. You have known this. I have left you here to lead them or I would have brought you home already.

Lead them child to where I have you take them. I know you know amiss, not knowing what it is you are doing, and that's by Me. I will lead you. You lead My people.

To dens, to rocks, and caves. You will be leaving there child, it is time to set in motion to be prepared for the things to come. I will be leading you away from that area and into a new place child where you can serve Me and be a voice to My people.

You will establish a community for My people. Do not worry about anything I don't lead you to do. I have others to take care of other areas. Just do as I say and lead and that's it child. I love you.

Great abundance will come. You will buy land. I will lead you where. Other people will come to you, I have prepared them. They will help you child. It is time to bring My people together to a place of refuge.

Be faithful in small things, I will give you much larger. I love you child.


Well I knew once I did as He was leading He would clarify it. He always does. It's mind boggling really, could you imagine all the things you would need to even prepare to have many people living in one area, yet He's told me not to worry about any of that, just do what He leads to do and leave the rest to others.

All I have to do is raise the money and buy the land. Like that's easy..LOL..oh well I'm leaving it in His hands.

It would have been a lot easier if He had just taken me home...we had talked about it several months ago, so I could prepare for the next things I'm called to do but His will was for me to stay and lead His people during the next events here on earth.

He knows I don't want to be here..I'm tired..but I will do as He asks and leads. He's the boss.

I love Him.

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