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Thursday, December 22, 2005

I'm redoing a former site featuring the Beast Prophets from Hell. I have more to add but there's a list of Who's Who for now.

The New Agers claim that the terms Maitreya and Sananda are merely titles and can be filled by any of the Ascended Masters. That's why on their sites you'll see Maitreya as Germaine, or Maitreya as Maitreya (the usual freak fulfilling that role), or Sananda Immanuel being "Jesus."

They can't even get their own stuff straight. They have Sananda-Immanuel who is the Jesus of Christianity, yet Germaine is the one who has the holes in his hands to mimmick nail holes. Maitreya is Arab, yet not Mohammad. At least not yet.

The Moslems can't even get their own stuff straight either. The Koran condemns the killing of innocent civilians and prohibits suicide and nowhere promises 72 virgins to those who kill civilians or die trying to. The suicide bomber would-be's claim they are the teachings of Mohammad. Apparently they think in the afterlife they are going to have a countless number of wives and children. So why don't they just have one in this life? They are sheep led to the slaughter. Pawns for political agendas. Their deaths mean nothing in the afterlife but condemnation for rejecting Yahushua as the Messiah, let alone killing the innocent and themselves. They're so brainwashed they can't see it. Mohammad is still in the grave, he wasn't a messiah he was a false prophet teaching a false doctrine and when he wasn't robbing people and running around being a bandit he created a following and a religion to excuse the things he was doing. He was a pawn of the Vatican's and led into it by his Jesuit wife.

All you hear is what a "peaceful" religion Islam is, all you see is death and destruction from those who follow it. Most are demonically possessed and if this is the religion Maitreya wants to lead to take over the world then can you imagine the civil wars that are going to be created. Islam is violent. There's nothing peaceful about it. Yeah go pray and then go blow someone up or burn a village down.

Don't ever give up your guns!

The ancient Israelites were always personally armed and ready to fight or defend their families or people.

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