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Sunday, December 18, 2005

President Bush calls the Constitution just a "G** D***** piece of paper

And for those of you who still have your head in the sand about what he really is perhaps that will do "something" to open your eyes a little bit.

I like this website put up by professed Christians who were former Bush supporters

I turned a year older last week. Feels more like 100 years older..LOL..

I was thinking back on the year itself, quite a busy one,

Some of the things I've written and spoken about over the past year and few years include but not limited to: the deception of the false apostle Paul, modern day worship of Baal, idolatry in the churches, aliens, fallen angels, giants, hybrids, the days of Noah, the coming great tribulation, the Watchers, New Age, New World Order, Satanism, the Vatican, the Black Pope, Black military projects, chip implantation, soul scalping, shapeshifting, walking-in, zombeism, cannibalism, underground bases, joint human and alien bases, astral realm, astral projection, remote viewing, space travel, UFOs, abductions, hybridization, contamination of human DNA, mind control, ELF and EMP weapons, hidden codes in the Bible, hidden reverse speech, the Talmud, Islam, Catholicism, Edomite Jews, serpent seedline, the Illuminati, the Illuminati Council, the Illuminati bloodline, chemtrails, NESARA, orgone, how to pray, how to love the Most High, and the list goes on.

I'm exhausted.

May the Lord come soon!

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